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Top 5 Tricks About Custom Cosmetic Boxes to Learn Before You Introduce them in the Market.

Top 5 Tricks About Custom Cosmetic Boxes to Learn Before You Introduce them in the Market.

Every brand works hard to establish its brand identity and name. But this hard work cannot be successful without transforming the packaging. You have to come up with some interesting designs in order to present them on the shelves.


While buying the product the customers majorly focus on the packaging of the product. Then after this, they wonder what the product inside will look like. So, make sure that the outer packaging which you provide is the one which is free from certain problems.


Most of the population likes uniformity in the packaging. You can create custom cosmetic boxes in uniform order to catch the major sales for your brand.


The packaging is not all about covering the product in some kind of box or just adding the graphical artwork.


It is all about adding the typography, attractive color scheme, and most essentially the text alignment. The combination of all these three things creates up the best boxes which one can utilize.


In order to design the best packaging, you can go through some of the tricks before introducing your product within the market:


Minimal Packaging

The minimal packaging is the key to success. Have you seen the ordinary packaging? They have white labels pasted on the bottles. These white labels highlight the bottles in an incredible way that they look dermatological and clinical tested.


You can also create one for your brand. You can make the serum and essence custom cosmetic packaging like this. Make sure that you highlight the ingredients on the boxes. Write the major ingredients on the boxes in bold text.


For instance, if your product carries the vitamin c ingredient then type the vitamin c ingredient in bold letter.


This will make your customers know that you are offering a product that is rich in vitamin C.


Add interesting Lines

The packaging without the text is like life without water. So, add some interesting lines on the boxes so, that people can get attracted towards the packaging instantly.


What that interesting lines can be? You can type on the scrub packaging such as “Wonder a world where you shower yourself in coffee”. Or you can type all the interesting lines like this to attract the massive population.


There is a brand name as the “frank body”. They carry a huge number of followers on social media around 687K.


Your brand can also be like that if you will manage to add up some interesting typography on the boxes to catch the attention of the onlookers.


It takes seconds for the onlookers to become your customers.


Create Sample Packaging

One of the greatest ways to catch the attention of the customers is by offering samples of the cosmetic packaging boxes. You can create the sampling of the product in an interesting way that can attract massive customers.


Some people find it difficult to buy the products at the whole price and in large quantities. Because some of the skin types are really sensitive and the whole product just gets wasted if it is not suitable for a certain skin type.


So, for this purpose, you can offer the customers a sample of the products in less price. Like this, they will be able to know about the skin problem and as a result, your samples will sell more.


You can create the sample packaging interestingly. Go for using the pillow custom boxes. These style boxes are really famous and will rock your brand in the market.



Artistic Packaging

For making your brand famous you can style your boxes elegantly. For this purpose, choose the rigid and the cardstock packaging together. Just choose the rigid box and add the inserts within the boxes. After adding all the punch inserts within the box according to product dimensions now you can place your all products within the box.


Add a circular mirror on the top of the cosmetic box packaging. And use the cover of the box in mailer style that when it opens it can turn into a foldable shape that a person can use the box as a mirror tool for applying the make-up products. In short, the cover lid will be a foldable mirror box.


Do focus on the inner packaging as well. You can add a nice booklet inside the box for describing the make-up essentials and their usage.


Moreover, you can also add some motivational text inside the box written on the upper side of the box.


Thematic Packaging

You can also choose some kind of theme for creating the boxes for the cosmetics. For instance, if you are creating the theme for “The statue of the Cleopatra” You can simply choose the rigid box by turning the box into the light beige color and the logo and place the picture of the Cleopatra in an elegant way at the middle of the rigid box.


And make the rigid box open from the middle like a treasure box. Add minimum products inside the box such as perfume, lip-gloss, and kohl wrapped in ancient packaging.


This would be a win-win box for your brand and the best promotional one.

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