5 Reasons Why 'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Is the PS4's Best Exclusive Game


The PlayStation 4 has one of the best new incredible games! A Thief's End: Uncharted 4 is the game that millions of PS4 gamers are waiting for since they first got their console, and thankfully the latest from Naughty Dog doesn't let you down (except in a couple of areas which is a matter to come back to later). It's more than just another installment within the wildly popular Uncharted series A Thief's Finale will likely be remembered in the future as one of the most important games of the last decade. While it’s standing as PS4's most popular game is bound to shift in the future (probably at the time Naughty Dog comes out with its next title) If you could pinpoint one game that everyone PS4 owner should have to have in their collection right now that game is Uncharted 4.

I hope you easily notice these features in uncharted 4 and you will become a fan of this game after you start playing. If you want to know more about the top best PS4 games then visit 9 Best Fantasy Games for PlayStation 4 for all information. Still not convinced? These are the top 5 arguments to believe Uncharted 4 is the real bargain.

1. Graphics

It's a bit embarrassing (and more than unfair) how superior Uncharted 4 looks than the vast majority of games, PC or otherwise. Naughty Dog has always been an innovative game maker at the forefront of technological edge and the technological feats they achieve using PS4 hardware are truly amazing. The game is more appealing the more you are absorbed in it. everything from the details of the environment to the way the characters are animated is excellent, leading to an experience that you cannot resist the urge to be showcased for all your friends (Naughty Dog knew exactly what it was doing as they put into a photo mode). Nitpickers might point out the reality that the game plays at thirty frames per second when in story mode, but the majority of gamers won't notice because they'll be being captivated by another stunning scene.

2. Storytelling

Although Uncharted 4 may not reach the same level of storytelling as the last game from Naughty Dog, The Last of Us It's a leap forward from previous games in the series and one of the most compelling stories-driven games in the current generation. It can be metafictional at times Uncharted 4's narrative unfolds like an examination of Nathan Drake's past stories, asking what could be like for him after he has left the adventure game. The story doesn't hesitate to show Drake as a deeply imperfect human; however, the flaws are held aside by genuine acts of humanity and heroism. The most enjoyable part is watching Nate perform as a supporting cast and the bond between Sam and his older brother Sam playing the lead role. In its simplest form, the story of Uncharted 4 isn't particularly original However, its true value is in its smallest moments that add up to a surprisingly satisfying total.

It also includes one of the most effective epilogues I've seen.

3. Value

The cost of games continues to be an issue of heated debate, particularly within those in the AAA large-budget tier. The issue is that the image of the worth of games is off-base since most consumers are more likely to pay $60 for a game such as Fallout 4 that offers hundreds of hours of gaming rather than a linear experience which is only eight hours long. Uncharted 4 is not an extremely lengthy game (it takes players between 12 and 15 hours to complete their first experience) however it offers plenty of value for the price. Story mode on its own provides players many reasons to come back, thanks to mods and secret codes however, even after all possibilities have been exhausted, there's still a fully-fledged multiplayer mode that you can explore (more about that later). Each player's personal experience will be different however, Uncharted 4 offers enough content to justify the $60 price. If you're not satisfied, your definition of what is an investment in gaming worth could need to be re-evaluated.

4. No Other Game Comes Close

The truth is fact that Uncharted 4 isn't suitable for everyone, and some gamers will enjoy certain genres more than others However when viewed from the perspective of the overall quality of the game, Uncharted can't be beaten. Although it does fall slightly short in the game's playability, as the shooting elements are its weakest feature, however, the rest of the game is excellent. It's hard to make comparisons between titles such as Bloodborne as well as Infamous: Second Son to Uncharted 4 because they both offer many different features, but Uncharted is certainly a most refined experience. Each game has its flaws which is why Uncharted 4 is no exception however, at the moment it's so much ahead of everything else available on PlayStation 4 PS4 that it's easy to overlook the flaws.

5. It's A System Seller

The PS4 does not require any help in moving units as it's surpassing its closest rival that is Xbox One, Xbox One, by a significant margin, but the fact that it has the first truly killer app surely won't harm things. Sony is confident about Uncharted 4's potential to bring in PlayStations and is currently offering consoles with the Uncharted brand as well as peripherals and it's easy to understand the reason. Despite its successes and popularity, the PS4 hasn't yet had a defining game that has people saying "Okay, I need to buy a PS4 just so I can play this." It might sound like an absurdity but Uncharted 4 is absolutely a game worth getting the PS4 to play, something Sony is certainly betting on. If there's no substantial increase in PS4 purchases this month, it could be a major surprise, since there's been no game that showcases the PS4's capabilities more than Uncharted 4.


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