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What is White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO?

 What is White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO?

7 White Hat TOP SEO Techniques   


Quality content written for the benefit of the reader, not the search engine crawler, is a vital element of modern day SEO company in West Delhi. This is an absolutely great way to be rewarded by search engines and how they rank your site or blog. Always remember that quality ingredients rule!


Content-relevant keywords based on disciplined research around the page content are essential. Also pay attention to keyword usage. Stick to one primary keyword and 2 or 3 secondary/porting keywords. Keyword-rich page titles and data are also mandatory. These areas are easy to overlook or underestimate, but optimization is the low-hanging fruit for most sites. Keep working with Best SEO Service provider.



Lean code and semantically structured markup language, including the use of keyword-rich title elements on your pages, helps search engines find what they're looking for when crawling your site. Official inbound links that get systematically versus paid links have become one of the most important elements in your SEO efforts.


Getting official inbound links takes time and dedication, but how do you rank in Serps and The tremendous impact in overall site traffic makes IE worth the effort Simple Vibbit navigation grows on the male where your site is in the organic search ranking. It also helps visitors find what they need without getting frustrated, which is a win-win for potential converts.


Responsive page loading time is a necessity because, like simple navigation or mobile optimization, responsive sites don't frustrate visitors or encourage bounce. From an SEO standpoint, site speed is a sign of search engine ranking. Web sites that is slow to respond to visitor requests for whatever reason (windows, etc.) usually rank lower among serps because the user experience is jeopardized. Be aware of functionality and features and how they affect the load time.



Being familiar with white hat best seo expert is not enough to prevent you from inadvertently crossing into an SEO gray area, or worse, doing something that violates search engine guidelines - black hat SEO territory. Here are some of the top Black Hat SEO strategies to avoid increasing the visibility of your website: keyword stuffing meta keyword stuffing link farming closing your content publishing bad content


 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques



Keyword stuffing - content hidden with the use of code but filled with keyword jargon so it's only visible to search engine crawlers - may have worked in the past, but search algorithms have gotten smarter. Site owners involved in this "number one no-no" will be heavily fined and/or the site may be blocked by search engine authorities.


Meta keyword stuffing — unnaturally placing keywords in web page meta tags, page titles, or backlink anchor text — is easy enough for a trained monkey to operate,


Link farming is the process of collecting a large number of links from unrelated websites that are usually hidden from actual site visitors. Being listed on such a page will not generate traffic; In fact, it could put your site at risk of being flagged.


Material cloaking is like an electronic bait and switch. Search engine spiders are shown content that is not actually visible in the user's browser. This double path helps rank sites for irrelevant content and gives unintentional users different results than they expected. A basic example would be providing HTML to search engines when displaying images or Flash files to human users, a classic trick of spammers.



Posting poor quality content does not provide any value to the visitors and has a bad effect on you. Scraping or copying content from other sites was once virtually undetected by search engines, making it a boon for rankings. Google and other search engines now have algorithms that not only recognize duplicate content, but also quickly rank sites for duplicate or other low-quality content


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