What are the parameters of a quality relay card?

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The relay card (relay module) or relay board is actually a set of relays on an electronic board. Relay cards are used in automation circuits and contactor relay circuits, which we will discuss the reason for using the relay card (relay module) in this article.

One of the reasons that has made the use of relay cards (relay modules) popular in the industry is the protection of PLC device outputs. The outputs of control devices often support low output current. In this situation, the internal relays of the control devices are pressurized, which will cause them to fail or reduce their lifespan. In this case, the relay card (relay module) acts as a driver interface and receives the command from the control devices and issues the system. In fact, the relay card (relay module) takes over the start-up operation. For this reason, the relay card (relay module) is produced and marketed in different amperes so that it can launch different devices with different amplitudes. Inside the market, 2 models of relay cards (relay modules) are consumed more than other amps. 10 amps and 16 amps, but we must know a key point. Inside the control devices that issue the command, 10 amps relays are often used, and if we use 10 amps amps when choosing a relay card (relay module), it is practically an aid to the protection system. We have not and only the relay card (relay module) causes the current to not be placed on the controller relay. But the purpose of inserting the relay card (relay module) is also to increase the lifespan, in these circuits it is better to use a higher amperage, ie 16 amps. So be careful when choosing a current more than the amount of relays of control devices, which will increase the life and efficiency of the relay card (relay module).

But in choosing a relay card (relay module), you should consider the points that are very important and technical, and if observed in the work, it shows that you are a skilled engineer.

When choosing a relay card (relay module) you should note that the dimensions of the relay card (relay module) are very important. Sometimes the distance between 2 relays on a board is so small that if one channel is from phase number one and the other channel from phase number 2 outputs This close distance on the relay card (relay module) causes a magnetic arc between these two channels of the relay card (relay module) and the relay card (relay module) burns quickly. I should mention that 2 different phases of the same name have a voltage difference of 380 volts. But sometimes we see to increase this distance to prevent this problem, which increases the volume of the relay card (relay module). There is no problem, it only helps to increase the cost that the consumer has to pay, so be careful in choosing the relay card (relay module). We have reviewed a key point.

But another point that is very important in choosing a relay card (relay module) is the number of relays, which is a standard for the relay card (relay module) is the base number 2. Due to the fact that the relay card (relay module) is located in the output ports of the control devices (PLC), they use the standard control of base 2, ie the number of channels of the relay card (relay module) is seen in this number.

 2-4-8-16-32-64 -........

But how many can be used?

The relay card (relay module) is standard in the number of 2 channels up to 8 channels. But we must say that some people also produce relay cards (relay module) with 16 channels. It will break and waste your money. So be careful when choosing a relay card (relay module). If someone says that a 16-channel relay card (relay module) takes up less space than 2 relay cards (8-channel relay module), the difference between the two is only one centimeter, but the damage is great. We offer 4 and 8 channel relay card (relay module).

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mahanda parto
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