What is an NFT ?

Ivan Costa

 In short, understand that an NFT is a non-fungible token. That is, because it is unique, it cannot be used as a bargaining chip. Contrary to what, for example, happens when buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the NFT is a digital certificate of authorship in which, in your possession, you will have the exclusivity of your rights. 

Fortunately, creating an NFT doesn't need a big production. That's because an NFT can be created based on a digital item, which can range from an image, GIF, video, message , text or work of art. However, its value will be determined by investor demand, since an NFT is unique, thus generating scarcity in the market.


What is needed to create an NFT?

To create it, you will need to have a wallet associated with an Ethereum account. This is because it is on the Ethereum platform that you will have the technological conditions and the platform to create your NFT. In fact, to create an NFT, it is mandatory that you have a minimum amount of ETH in your possession. From that moment, you will only have to choose a "marketplace" to start creating your NFT.


Again, understand that to create an NFT, you will only need to be based on a single digital item. This should be your own in order to avoid copyright issues. Realize that your NFT will be secured using blockchain technology.


How to create an NFT?


In order for you to feel comfortable creating your first NFT, you should consider the following steps. Remember that the greater your research in the market, the better conditions you can find , according to your specific case.


Find a trading platform to buy ETH (Ethereum);

Use this minimum amount of Ethereum to create your NFT, in a marketplace (keep in mind the costs and fees charged);

Confirm the completion of your NFT;

Put it up for sale in the same marketplace;

Understand what the potential market value is and select the ETH value you want for your NFT.

As you can see, the whole process is very easy. Still, understand that there are platforms that are much more NFT creator-friendly than others. Consider the list we've put together of the best platforms to build your NFT.


Platforms for creating your NFT


Once you've figured out how your NFT will be launched, it's time to find the best possible place to create it. But also to be able to market it, if that is your desire. Based on our comparisons and tests, these were some of the platforms that stood out the most:






Nifty Gateway;

Axie Infinity;


Understand that the decision to choose the best platform for you will always be dependent on your level of knowledge of blockchain technology . Also, always keep in mind the terms and conditions, as well as the costs associated with creating and marketing your NFT under each of these options. All of this will have a direct impact on the profitability that you can expect for each sale you make, within these models.


Where to put NFT for sale and what to do next?


As a rule, novice NFT creators choose to use the same "marketplace" from where they created their NFT, so they can also market it there. In this way, take these two aspects into account to reach the desired result. In fact, notice that in the "marketplaces" it is even possible to pay for your NFT to be more evident within the platform itself.


Finally, if your goal is to close a sale, you must understand who your target audience is and what prices they are willing to buy. Take an in-depth analysis of this growing market for NFTs and blockchain , trying to answer a need that the market has not yet been able to solve. However, if you consider that your digital art is unique and could attract many collectors or investors, NFT could be an immediate solution for your project.

Ivan Costa
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