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Belkin N300 Wifi Range Extender Blinking Orange Light

Wireless extendersetup
Belkin N300 Wifi Range Extender Blinking Orange Light

Everyone has a wifi extender in their house or office owing to the need for great internet speed and wide coverage. So, it becomes important to understand the LED bulbs on your wifi extender and what they signify. Many users ask about their Belkin N300 wifi range extender blinking orange light. Well, the orange light blinks when there is a connectivity problem between your wifi range extender and the main wifi router network or your device. So now you know why the light is blinking but, do you know how to fix the Belkin range extender orange light, or say the connectivity issue? Don’t worry! In this blog, we will explain the reasons behind this problem and reveal the tricks to resolve it in no time.

Why Is Orange Light Blinking On Belkin N300 Wifi Range Extender?

The orange LED bulb lights when there is a connectivity issue or failure in the extender. These are some reasons that cause connectivity issues in a Belkin range extender followed by orange light;

The Belkin range extender is not placed in an appropriate location.

Belkin has lost signals from the wifi router network.

Firmware update due.

The Belkin extender setup is not complete and it is not ready for use.

Points To Resolve Belkin N300 Wifi Range Extender Orange Light Problem - 

You can easily fix an issue if you know the exact cause of it. So follow the instructions to resolve the Belkin range extender orange light problem with the help of these tricks;

Update the firmware version of your Belkin wifi range extender. In case the firmware has outdated then your extender will face various issues, connectivity being one of them. Go to the web portal to update the firmware version of the extender.

Disconnect both your Belkin wifi range extender and modem from the electricity source for a few moments and then plug in another power source.

To avoid the orange light problem, update your extender regularly.

The reason for poor connectivity might be an inappropriate location. So, ensure that your extender is placed mid-way of the router network and poor network zones.

In case, nothing helps in resolving the Belkin orange light problem then you have to reset your device. Once the device is reset, do the configuration settings once again.

Sometimes other gadgets that have radioactive signals interrupt the connection. So make sure your device is kept at a distance from these gadgets such as microwaves, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Belkin N300 Wifi Range Extender Not Blinking Orange Light Anymore! 

So this was the correct way to fix the Belkin N300 wifi range extender blinking orange light issue. There are different LED bulbs on the wifi extender that signify different things such as power LED, connection LED, etc. So, when the orange LED bulb is lit then it simply means that there is a connectivity issue between the extender and router. Next time you see an orange light on the Belkin range extender then, you don’t need to panic as you have the solution now. Simply follow these troubleshooting tricks and resolve the connectivity issue. That’s it! Experience the great internet.

Wireless extendersetup
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