3 Self Defense Strategies to Prevent Bulleying

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The parents can do many things to help kids stand up against bullies at schools and colleges. By preparing your child in advance, you will be equipping them with skills to deal with bullies. Moreover, It will gain their internal strength and confidence. These two assets will serve them well in their later life.

Self-defense is not all about hitting back or using physical force for protection. In fact, self-defense prevents problems before they happen. It involves confident and forceful behavior to respond to a bully’s attempts. You can discuss these self-defense strategies with your kids to prevent bullying behavior.

1. Confident body language.

Healthy self-confidence is enough to prevent your child from bullying. Lazy kids can appear weak and can be targeted easily. Unfortunately, the kids with low self-esteem faced bullying situations. Below are helpful strategies to improve your child's body language and self-confidence.  



Confident Walk

Walking with a purpose at their destination is an easy method that gives assertive energy. Your child should walk with their eyes up and rolled back shoulders.

Sharp eye contact

Making eye contact is subtle with the bullies and around them shows leadership and confidence.

Smile at others

Smiling at others will make sense of connection and boost self-confidence. It also helps keep social isolation, which will play a vital role in bullying.

The tonality of voice

Talking in a calm and normal voice to a bully is often effective. They will not respond to any unkind remarks. You can still make eye contact and ignore whatever the bully says. 

It requires practice and time, but they will see the result if they consistently work at it. These skills will help them deal with bullies, but they will also help them meet new people, do job interviews, and public speaking.


2. Trust your Gut instinct.


Aware of your kids about their surroundings. If you want to remove their fear, it is wise to put their mobile phones away and be alert of their bullied encounter.


If your child doesn’t feel right, they should believe their gut feeling and leave the location. If that’s impossible, it’s best to use different skills like body language, self-confidence, and an assertive voice to others. Being alert about what’s happening around them can help your child avoid being attacked.


3. Instead of focusing on the fight, Focus on Flight.

Sometimes kids don’t realize and can head in the wrong place. They must turn their back around and walk away. Sometimes, walking away is the best option to avoid disaster, and it is not a sign of a coward. It takes courage to leave an unpleasant situation. 

Your kids should know to escape from the unpleasant situation before it gets out of hand. Walking away is the best way to avoid bullying.

Instead of fighting, leaving is the best strategy in confrontational situations. Fighting induces violence. Therefore, it leads to injury. The kids should confide inappropriate behavior to the school counselor, principal, and teacher.

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Helpdesk Administrator
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