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Remedies to Keep Fever and Flu at Bay

Anil kumar

Fevers are common and frequently occur due to an infection like a cold or flu. They usually ensue when the body is struggling to fight an illness to safeguard itself. A fever is an indication that something is not functioning properly in the body. There are several fever flu medicines available to cure the illness. 

If you are suffering from a fever or flu and want to keep it at bay, a few remedies are mentioned below. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

The lining of the nose and throat can be moisturized with good hydration. It helps in cleaning the mucus efficiently. It is recommended to consume more fluids than usual. Ensure not to consume caffeine or alcoholic beverages as they can dehydrate you. 


Keep your sore throat moist through gargling. It also brings temporary relief. Take half a teaspoon of salt and mix it in 8 ounces of water to gargle. Repeat the process four times a day. It also assists in clearing the passage from the head to the chest during flu-based congestion. It also clears the mucus built in the respiratory tracts and nasal cavities. 

Rest As Much As You Can

It is very likely that performing activities can increase your body temperature. It is mandatory to rest to recover and reduce your fever and flu. Medication is not always necessary; instead, getting a night of good sleep can improve your immune system, reducing body temperature. It will help your body fight fever and flu-causing infections. 

Consume Hot Liquids

Nasal congestion and dehydration can be prevented through hot liquids. It offers a soothing effect to the inflamed lining of the nose and throat. You can try an old remedy, hot toddy, or a cup of hot herbal tea. Limiting the consumption to one; excess consumption will inflame the lining and make it worse. 

Take Vitamin C

Consuming vitamin C can be very helpful in keeping fever or flu at bay. It is recommended to consume it as a supplement or increase the intake of vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers, leafy vegetables, citrus, and kiwi. Vitamin C will also reduce the severity and duration of fever or flu. 

Blow Your Nose Frequently

It is always suggested to blow your nose frequently during the flu instead of sniffing the mucus back into your head. Do not blow it hard as it can carry the phlegm back into the ear, causing earache. The adequate way is to press one nostril while blowing the other one. 

Increase Vitamin D and Zinc Levels

People with adequate vitamin D levels are less likely to catch fever-causing infections. Vitamin D levels can be elevated with natural sunlight. Similarly, people with adequate levels of zinc experience a shorter duration of fever and flu. You can also purchase the zinc tablets from Healthskool Pharmacy

Fever and flu symptoms can resemble the symptoms of COVID-19, and it is important to consult a doctor for the testing. A doctor can only advise on further treatment, and in severe cases, you may need plasma therapy in COVID to cure the virus. 

In particular, there is no cure for fever and flu. However, you can only follow remedies to keep them at bay and reduce the duration and severity of the illness. 

Anil kumar
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