Jim Jammer

Drones are unmanned flying robots that have long been a very popular gadget.  But how to protect your territory from drones?

 Many people now have drones.  And often they violate personal boundaries and direct this development to other people's homes or businesses.  Owners of private property are of course against such visits, but they do not know how to protect themselves from this.

 Thanks to modern developments, it is the perfect solution to help protect against dron.  We are talking about drone jammers.  These are special plugs that block the signal.  Because of what the drone is simply lost in this territory.

 Now let's find out what drones are.


 Main Features of Drones

 These robots are small vehicles controlled remotely by an operator through manual control.  The operation is very simple, it can be controlled from the screen of a smartphone or with a remote control.

 Drones are relatively small and lightweight vehicles made from carbon fiber, metal materials and a small amount of plastic.  The most common are those that use four motors located at the ends of four shafts.  The motors are small round electric propellers that keep the device flying and use the same principle as helicopters to stay in the air.

 The instrument panel houses a computer that receives navigational instructions to increase or decrease throttle and altitude.

 Depending on the device, there are data transfer options for the controller, ranging from the amount of power left in the batteries for navigation and images taken by the built-in camera.

 Speaking of the drone's camera, you should see some important details.  First, to see our camera image, there are already known FPV transmitters and receivers operating at 5.8GHz.  so that it does not interfere with the 2.4GHz signal.  Thus, we get a greater range of the video signal, and also at a good price.

Jim Jammer
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