Harsh Agarwal

I've heard some Lutheran types lamenting about how in their secular social environments nobody knows what they believe as far as religion, and that if their non-Lutheran friends do know what they believe they don't completely understand it.

The same argument is said of religiously un-unified marriages, that you want to be able to intimately share everything with your spouse, and that can't happen if you don't gel in church fellowship.

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I agree with that. Very few people at college even know what it is to be Lutheran (I doubt most of them care), and I know those friends that know religion couldn't understand its importance to us - the rigors of catechism, the seemingly rigid adherence to

Biblical principles, interpreting Scripture as it is, and on and on...... That's one of the most amazing things that everyone who went to the rally in Houston is talking about, being around people our own age who know and understand the same.

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Let's not forget or pretend that other people don't feel the same way. I'm not an expert in the doctrines of other churches or religions, I haven't been through CDC or on a hajj or been immersed when I finally decided I wanted to be baptized and gave my testimony to the congregation. I could learn all about these things, but doing so would never give me the same perspective as you had first hand - I wouldn't really understand it.

Everyone has their own experiences, all different, mostly incomparable. We (I) run into problems when we (I) start looking at what others have done and desire the same for us (me).

Part of me wishes strongly that I could have been with you to do the things you have done, so I could relate to you, but that is quite impossible.

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There are too many people and too many things to do, and so you'll have to accept that I haven't done what you have and that I won't be able to empathize. My raising and my training have shaped me and brought me to where I am, and what I do is done in the tint of the windows I look through because of it.

That doesn't, however, excuse anyone from neglecting the one thing that is constant throughout all generations, or from skewing the Truth.

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Harsh Agarwal
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