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Want to Get a Construction Mortgage in Toronto? Here's Something for You

Want to Get a Construction Mortgage in Toronto? Here's Something for You

If you want to get a new home to live in in Toronto, you can get it in two ways. You can either purchase an existing house or have a new house constructed. The second option will require a considerable investment. The best thing to cut your costs will be to apply for a construction mortgage in Toronto.

Read this article to get a detailed guide on it.

What Is a Construction Mortgage?

A construction mortgage or a builder's mortgage is a specific scheme in Canada that will allow you to receive the full amount of the mortgage at several stages of the home construction.

Compared to conventional mortgages, draw mortgages offer much higher interest rates.

How Do Construction Loans Work?

Usually, construction mortgages are issued on a progress-advance basis. The total amount you want to finish your new construction will be given to you in draws or stages.

Your lender may give the money to your lawyer, who will take the responsibility to disburse the funds to your contractors. Some lenders also directly deal with the contractor.

Because draws are paid in several construction stages, you will not be required to pay any upfront costs to your contractor. Instead, they will get their payment only after completing the whole construction.

Keep in mind that you can borrow a maximum of 75% of the total construction expenses. The remaining 25% has to be paid out of your own pocket.

If you do not hire a home builder or a general contractor and choose to build the home yourself, you will need to obtain a self-build construction loan. But for that, you must show that you have adequate experience.

If you already own your land and apply for a construction mortgage in Toronto, you will receive your first advance as equity take-out. But if not, a first advance will be available to help you purchase a vacant plot.

What Will Be the Cost per Square Foot of Building a Single-family Home in Toronto?

Homebuilders usually offer two types of home construction plans, including custom-built and stock homes.

While stock homes are pre-designed, there will not be much control over the design.

On the other hand, choosing a custom home is the best option if you want to add your design ideas to your home construction. But at the same time, they are more expensive.

In many Canadian cities, custom homes' cost per square foot exceeds $700. In Toronto, it is between $115 and $900.

Therefore, considering the current rates of commercial mortgages, it will be a good idea to apply for one.

Final Words

With the current commercial mortgage rates in Toronto, building a home is much more manageable. However, always select a qualified mortgage broker who knows Toronto like the palm of their hand and has access to many sources.

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