David Longoria Stars In PBS Television Special Baila

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Baila! Starring David Longoria are going to be airing on PBS Television Stations across America this fall. The 90 minute music concert style program attributes a stage full of musicians, singers and dancers and guest stars from around the globe.

The unique functions Longoria together with guest stars from about the globe: Latin singer and actress Jimena, from Mexico City; Lebanese singer Therese Neaime, from Dubai; and, American artists April Diamond, Juliet B. Rock, Latisha, and rapper 5 Star. The unique was taped live from OC Pavilion in Santa Ana, California to be broadcast on PBS stations nationally.

"I was honored all of the guests flew in to be a component of my Tv unique. We had a blast and the live audience was terrific," Longoria recalls.

The concert functions a stage filled with musicians, singers and dancers. "I am proud to include our globe class dancers in our show", Longoria says. "We have Salsa dancers, Tango, ballet, belly dancers and even go-go. This really is in all probability a 1st to air on PBS stations. Baila is Spanish for 'dance' so we wanted to present lots of forms of dance with my music." They added video screens to give a total visual

Baila! also is the title of Longoria's new cd, which he calls a collection of ?Latin feeling jazzy songs with catchy lyrics and melodies.? The 15 songs collection capabilities guest performances of Cece Peniston, Ottmar Liebert, Marc Antoine, Poncho Sanchez, Jimena, Therese Neaime, Latisha, five Star and other people. "My music is usually a blend of Jazz, pop, Latin and dance, " says Longoria. "People who really like Latin Jazz seem to follow our music at the same time as people who enjoy to dance."

Longoria began out in classical music ahead of he found jazz. "Listening to the jazz greats like Dizzy Gillespie, Freddy Hubbard, Miles Davis and others inspired me to improvise also as innovate, says Longoria, adding, "the ones who communicated to everybody merely and had a great deal off wide appeal made sense to me, from Al Hirt to Herb Alpert." Today Longoria loves the performers who reach out to relate to the common man. "Andrea Bocelli. Shakira, Carlos Santana, these are folks that take their art to exactly where the persons can get it and appreciate it," explains Longoria. "It's terrific that we have incredible abilities to produce sophisticated music, or to be technically proficient on our instrument, but music is all about communication to me. If I lose my audience simply because I would like to just show off on my trumpet, the message is lost. My fans want to hear me seriously get passionate and PLAY the trumpet and I do not wish to let them down. But the music should constantly be musical so it may be understood and enjoyed."

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Audiences seem to take pleasure in Longoria's exclusive music. More than 100,000 follow his social media fan web sites and they watch his videos on YouTube. "I love YouTube for bringing the music and video clips ideal to the fans. Anytime day or night you'll be able to go watch your preferred artists carry out. And it's free! I am blessed to have so many fans that watch my videos and follow me to concerts and our Tv performances.

Longoria decided to generate and appear on his own Television Unique for PBS stations when he found opera singer Andrea Bocelli carry out on his own Tv special on the PBS network. "I really like how PBS can bring good performers to the American audiences even if their music does not fit a particular radio format. I have only heard Andrea Bocelli on the radio at Christmastime but his music is superb and I feel PBS for exposing the American audiences to his artistry," says Longoria. Others like Michael Buble bring such an awesome sound plus the PBS specials have given them the needed strength of exposure to the fans. "I am so pleased to bring my music and guests to our own PBS special this year", Longoria says proudly. "This is an audience that desires good good quality performances form the most beneficial world class performers so the standard is high and we give them every thing we've got to rise to that", he adds.

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ritika karamchandani
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