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Using Social Media to Explode Your Prospect List While MLM Recruiting!


Using social media like Facebook and Twitter for MLM recruiting is becoming more and more popular today, and is getting some phenomenal results Pole Assassin. Just don't forget to pay attention to their rules! Remember, the site that you are at, it is a social networking site not an advertising site. The more commercial you are, the more "spam-my" you are labeled, and you can get kicked off.

Social Networking For Prospects

Knowing how social media works to spread the news or information to the masses, gives you a inexpensive way to get your info into the hands of millions of viewers. Did you know that MLM prospecting using social media can be almost viral in effect and can explode your downline with hard working reps each and every day? By posting small info blurbs at the appropriate times, in a helpful way, you will build a following that can be redirected discretely to your link, then to your capture page. As your happy customers post or blog on about you and your product, it can spread like wildfire.

The Future - Social Media?

Internet tools like these have allowed virtually anyone to connect, share, discuss, and comment on almost every topic from the gossip of the day to a life changing event - and everything in between. (No stone left unturned!) Since social media is the way of the future in MLM recruiting, I'm totally shocked and mystified at the number of network marketers that mess it up. Of course, in a world of constantly changing rules, we all mess things up sometimes. However, it is very important to do the research and use social networking correctly the first time.

The Explosion Of Socialized Media

With about everyone and their dogs making videos and posting them, YouTubing, tweeting and blogging, (the social medias) are just exploding. Twitter a while back, in one months time, went from 1 million users to over 13 million! With this type of growth, it is important as network marketers that we learn how to market our business/opportunity the best way possible, and using social media is one of those ways. Just don't mess it up, or people will ignore you, and you'll lose your reputation while blowing your biggest opportunity for MLM recruiting. Again, if need be, find a mentor to guide you. It saves time and money and keeps you from making a lot of mistakes that may end up getting you kicked off and possibly causing the rules to be changed.

Facebook's Millions

If you don't believe that the social media is a gold mine for MLM recruiting, just login to your favorite site and watch. How often do you check your Facebook account? 3-4 times per day? Now multiply that by about a quarter of a billion Facebook accounts and at a very small percentage of coverage, that's still a huge MLM prospecting marketplace! With the 18-34 year old age group spending over four times as much of their leisure time on social media sites than they do watching television and listening to radio combined, this is prime MLM recruiting territory.

Social Media's Gold Mine

Remember that socialized media is a much uncharted and constantly changing territory, so keep their rules in mind, be considerate of others, keep your integrity, and have fun while doing your MLM recruiting. By keeping in their good graces, you should have extremely easy MLM recruiting at really no cost to you. However, it is very important to remember that SOCIAL MEDIA IS A SITE FOR SOCIALIZING NOT ADVERTISING. So socialize! Be friendly, get to know people and be helpful when you can. Grow your social base and people will come to trust you and enjoy your input. Then, and only then, when they ask how you do this or that, you can share your opportunity with them. All in all, this social media marketplace is an expanding gold field ready to be mined, keeping in mind not to ruin it for ourselves and others to follow. Good, real marketing techniques and practices need to be maintained.

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