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Tips in Choosing Urn for Your Deceased Loved One

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Tips in Choosing Urn for Your Deceased Loved One

Have you considered getting cremation services for your deceased loved one? There are a lot of benefits to choosing Cremation Services in Kamloops such as being able to have more flexibility when it comes to what you can do to the ashes.

Many people choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones and hold on to some of them. You also have the option of burying the ashes. It can be less expensive compared to a traditional burial because you don’t need a big plot of land to bury the ashes.

One of the things that you need to consider when opting for cremation services is choosing the right urn. Here are a few things that you need to consider to find the right urn:

1. Consider the size.

There are different sizes of urns. There are specific sizes recommended for average-sized people. A typical cremated remains would weigh at least 3 pounds and can be as heavy as 7 pounds. In this case, you will need an urn with a capacity of 180-220 cubic inches. When you go to the funeral home, you can ask them what size would hold the ashes of your loved one. The bigger the deceased, the bigger the urn should be.

2. Consider your family’s preferences and religious beliefs.

You might have specific preferences when it comes to what materials to choose for. If your family believes that the ashes should be buried, you can go with a less expensive type of urn. Some people might have religious beliefs that will permit them to hold the ashes in a columbarium. In this case, you can use an urn that is made from a sturdier material.

3. Are you going to keep some of the ashes? You might want to get a token or a keepsake urn.

Some people might wish to keep some of the ashes. If this is the case, you can get a keepsake urn or a token urn. It’s a smaller urn that you can display in your home.

4. Consider the material of the urn.

There is a cornucopia of materials that you can choose from such as wood, bronze, ceramic, and granite. You can also choose from marble, porcelain, and glass. It really depends on your preferences and what suits the deceased more. Wood urns are not durable enough for display. However, it can be good for burying. There are even some wooden urns that contain seeds. Once they are buried, the seeds can grow and turn into a marker for the burial site.

Consider eco-friendly options as well when choosing an urn. Pick those that are less likely to harm the environment.

Make sure you get the cremation services in Kamloops of funeral homes like Drake Cremation & Funeral Services.

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Drake Cremation & Funeral Services
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