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Sapphire Tennis Bracelet - A Must Have In Your Vanity

Kim Garth

What is a tennis bracelet?

The legendary tennis player Chris Evert is the one who made these bracelets quite popular. The ubiquitously known “tennis bracelet” has an interesting story behind its name!  

In a one-of-a-kind incident in the history of the US Open, legendary tennis player Chris Evert snapped her bracelet in one of her matches. The match was halted for a while so that she could retrieve the broken pieces of her jewel from the court. The oh-so-extra way of playing the game with the fancy and luxurious jewels prompted a renaming and hence the name “Tennis Bracelet” stuck!  

Now that you are aware of how the bracelet received its name, Don’t you think a sapphire tennis bracelet would be something that would look stunning on everyone’s hand? Looking for a birthday or an anniversary gift for your mom or SO? A sapphire tennis bracelet as a gift is surely going to make her a happy person! They’ll love the jewelry, and you even more!  

Sapphire, the September birthstone has gained huge popularity because of its distinguished line of colors and shades. There’s no color in which sapphire cannot be found. Pink, yellow, white, purple, you name the color, and you’ll find a sapphire in it! Sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones in the world  It scores a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The durability, hardness, and resilience to getting damaged are so high that the accessories made out of sapphire can be used on a daily basis. This means a sapphire bracelet that you gift to your mom or SO can be used on a day-to-day basis reminding them of you and the love you share with each other!

Sapphire Tennis Bracelet - Where Can I Wear Them?

We usually prefer to wear fancy accessories at a fancy place or on special occasions. With a sapphire tennis bracelet what we learned is, just like Evert, who wore the bracelet at her tournament, this accessory can be worn anytime, anywhere, and at all times! 

Our recommendations

At a Party - All dressed up and ready to go? A sapphire tennis bracelet will add the oomph factor to your whole vibe!

Formal Meetings in Office - If you have a big presentation coming up, not only will power dressing elevate your confidence but also your accessories will play an important role in boosting your spirits! The Sapphire tennis bracelet is surely a people pleaser, it might help you to win over your clients! 

Casual Meets With Friends - Meeting up with friends is a necessity, you know what else is a necessity? Dressing up and accessorizing for a casual meeting with your besties! We are sure it's always a pleasure discussing food, clothes, and accessories with them! If wearing your favorite sapphire bracelet becomes a conversation starter then why not show it off?

Some of Our Favorite Sapphire Tennis Bracelets

Pink Sapphire S-Link Tennis Bracelet - Pink sapphire shade is one that people fall in love with immediately! A pink sapphire tennis bracelet will make your hands look gorgeous, you can pair it with a pink sapphire halo ring to make your hand look ravishing!

Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet - Royal blue shade of sapphire is the most popular shade among the royalties and celebrities. A blue sapphire tennis bracelet looks stunning on nightgowns. If you’re planning on minimalist accessories, then wearing only a sapphire tennis bracelet will attract compliments!

Yellow Sapphire Tennis Bracelet - Yellow sapphire etched into a yellow gold bracelet setting is all the dreaminess you need in your vanity box! A yellow sapphire tennis bracelet looks like a sunset that is as surreal as you are! 

Which one did you like?

Bracelet is one of the most underrated accessories that women have left out of their vanities for a long time! Chris Evert believed that her tennis bracelet was a lucky charm for her and it was the reason why she was winning tournaments, it can or can not be true… but this belief might help you choose your next sapphire tennis bracelet for sure!

Kim Garth
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