The conversation method has the following advantages


- activates students;

- develops their memory and speech; 

- It opens up students' knowledge;

- has a great educational power;

- is a good diagnostic tool.

Disadvantages of conversation:

- Requires a lot of time;

- contains an element of risk (a student can give a wrong answer, which is perceived by other students

perceived by other students and fixed in their memory);

- requires a reserve of knowledge.

Discussion. Discussion as a teaching method is at the core of cheap essay writing service edusharky.com and is based on the exchange of views on a particular issue, with those views reflecting the participants' own opinions or drawing on

opinions of others. This method is appropriate to use

when students have an understanding of how to find custom dissertation writing help and a significant degree of maturity and independence of thought, are able to argue

prove and justify their point of view. A well conducted discussion is of great educational and pedagogical value: it teaches a deeper understanding of the problem, the ability to take into account the opinion of others.

Lecture. Narrative and expository are used in the study of

relatively small amount of learning material. When

When working with older students teachers have to

On some topics they have to orally present a considerable amount of new

In working with older students teachers have to orally present a considerable amount of new knowledge, spending 20-30 minutes of the lesson, and sometimes the entire lesson.

lesson. Presentation of such material is carried out in the form of a lecture.

The word "lecture" is of Latin origin.

in Russian means "reading". The tradition of presenting material by https://edusharky.com/buy-college-essay (lecture notes) can be traced back to the universities of the Middle Ages. However,

In England it is still considered to be compulsory111 for a university professor to come to class and read out loud.

a university professor goes to class with a text of a lecture and uses it to present material to students. В

In other countries this tradition has lost its meaning, and the notion of a lecture means not so much a pre-prepared text, as a specific method of explaining the material being studied. In this sense, a lecture should be understood as a method of instruction when a teacher orally presents a considerable amount of educational material over a relatively long period of time using techniques that

activation of cognitive activity of students.


First of all, it concerns the disclosure of their essence

What are the methods of teaching students

Why did it begin? An analysis of the debate on teaching methods

Source of educational information

Who came up with the Polynary classification of teaching methods

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