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What is the Difference Between Page View and Page Visit?

Ishaan Chaudhary
What is the Difference Between Page View and Page Visit?

It is called a page view when a person, whether they were already on your page or arrived from another, loads or reloads one of your web pages. In contrast, a page visit only happens if someone comes to your site from an external source, such as Google or another website.

As a result, although a page visit counts as a page view, the reverse is not true. You should be aware of this distinction since it has a significant influence on your knowledge of audience behaviour and page performance. If you didn't know any better, you might assume that having a lot of visitors means your website is doing well, but that isn't necessarily the case. To obtain a complete picture, you'll need to examine other data, such as page sessions, unique page views, page visits, and others.

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Understanding Page Views vs Visits

Every time a visitor opens your website in a browser, you're getting a page view. As an example, let's imagine that a reader discovers your blog article through a Google search. Some of the material on the website cannot be shown properly due to a browser extension they are using, therefore they are forced to refresh the page. Even if the same visitor produced two page views, your analytics report will show two page views (and in a short period of time).

A page visit is what happens when someone comes to your site from another source. A user who finds your content online and then refreshes the page counts as one visit. It is counted as two visits if a person leaves your website, uses Google to locate a new phrase, then returns to your page.

It happens when a third party accesses your site. Unrefreshed pages are counted. This is because a visitor who leaves your site and returns later counts as two visits. Then look at your site's sessions to comprehend these stats. Session length is the total time a person spends on your website. A user interacts with an element or form in your analytics tool.

What are Unique Page Views?

A single user may produce an infinite number of distinct page views in a single session. Just look at the article's title. Your first visit to the website resulted in just one page view. When you reload the page, a new page view is registered, but only one unique page view is recorded. This is because both users are on the same page. Only if used more than once in a single session. There are several cities in India that offer digital marketing courses, like a digital marketing course in Mumbai.

What does this metric mean? As a consequence, marketers can analyse data more accurately. Imagine a person refreshing your website 15 times. You could think you had 15 visits, but you'd be wrong.

What is a Page Visit?

Any time a visitor comes to your website from a domain other than your own, it counts as a visit. The user was on another website when they clicked on a link to yours or typed your website's URL into their browser directly. In the event that a person comes to your site through an external domain, a new visit strategy is started to keep track of their activities across your domain. To terminate a visit, visitors must either leave your site or close their browser window.

As an example, let's imagine a visitor is having a difficulty and seeks help via their preferred search engine. As a consequence, they discover your blog. Page views are generated when someone visits your site by clicking on it. People, customer sometimes read an article but don't find what they're looking for. They see another of your blog entries in the search results. They'll find it here. So, even though the source of both visits is the same, this is a second page visit. HubSpot treats a return visit from another domain as a new visit.

Finding the right metrics for your website is the first step. The digital marketing institute offers several courses that you can choose from to learn more about this subject.

Ishaan Chaudhary
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