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Dog Tags for Men: How to Slay With Dog Tags Necklaces or Pendants

Naitri Sharma
Dog Tags for Men: How to Slay With Dog Tags Necklaces or Pendants

Dogtag pendants or necklaces are quite popular among jewelry lovers. Its military origins heighten the appeal and draw regular citizens to it. This makes it a favorite among youths. Over the years, dog tag fashion has evolved from plain-looking tags to expressive and personalized jewelry pieces.


Like other jewelry pieces, dog tags come in various designs, materials, and shapes. Read on to know more about dog tags for men.

A Brief History of Dog Tags

Dogtags first came into the picture in 1906 when the American military introduced them as a vital part of a soldier's wear. These dog tags carried information such as:

·        The soldiers' identity (name and service number)

·        Information on medical and even postmortem services (blood type)

·        Religion


With time, the military forces in other countries also adopted the practice of using dog tags for identification. Before the military, several private organizations gave tags to soldiers to put on if the occasion demanded it. It's safe to say that's where the military got the idea from.


Gradually, dog tag necklaces evolved from identification gear to souvenirs. They were usually given to the bereaved families of fallen soldiers. Dog tags were also used to decorate war memorials as a tribute to deceased soldiers.


Then couples in active service started using replica tags as a form of connection when they had to go to different parts of the world for military assignments. Shortly after, several youths developed an attraction for these unique necklaces. It was only a matter of time before they became prominent fashion items.

Dogtags Designs and Styles

While military dog tags have an identical look, their fashionable counterparts vary in design and style.

1.   Metal Dog Tags and Alternatives

Firstly dog tag pendants come in a variety of metals such as silver, gold, aluminum, platinum, and steel. There are also silicone or plastic dog tags for those whose skins are sensitive to metal objects. It's also an alternative for those who don't want to wear metal tags.


Precious metals are typically used for high-end dog tag pendants. The Gold & Black Stainless Steel with Black CZ Accent Modern Dog Tag Pendant is a good example.


If you prefer a metal dog tag, we recommend going to reputable jewelry stores to get dog tags made with rust-proof and anti-tarnish finishings. Most dog tags have engravings that can easily be destroyed or obscured by decay or rust.


We also recommend going for anodized metals because they are durable and able to hold colors. An excellent example is the Blue & Black Stainless Steel & Black CZ Striped ID Tag Pendant.

2.   Dog Tags with Gems or Patterns

For dog tags with gems, check out the Silver Stainless Steel Gun Metal White CZ Engraveable Dog Tag Pendant with Chain. There are also dog tags with inlaid metal grid patterns, such as the Gold and Black Stainless Steel Gun Metal Grid Pattern Inlaid Dog Tag Pendant with Chain.

3.   Shapes

For preferences in shape, lovers of rectangular dog tag pendants can check out options such as the Silver Stainless Steel & Black Carbon Fiber Dog Tag. In addition, there are oval tags, heart tags, etc.

4.   Religious Dog Tags

For men who wish to express their faith through what they wear, you can check out dog tag options such as the Silver Stainless Steel & Black CZ Accented Religious Dog Tag.

5.   Chains

Ball chains are commonly used for dog tags. They are necklaces comprising tiny metal beads. You can also see it being used for luggage tags and key chains. High-end dog tags usually sport silver or gold chains. That's another option as well. An excellent example is the Black & Gold Stainless Steel Matte Finish Hammered Design Dog Tag.


There are also chain-link necklaces and silk or leather cords.


There are limitless options for the kind of dog tag you want. Ensure you go for something that looks unique and memorable.

Naitri Sharma
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