Promo Codes: How to Use Them for Business?


What kind of thought crosses your mind when you follow the well-trodden path to your favorite web store? The same intriguing thought that knocks on the imaginary door of your thought house whenever you put your foot on any website. There should be some promo codes. But I haven't taken this journey to collect some coupons. I will go all out to rake them all together and pick the finest codes coupons. Though being the staple prey to shoppers, coupons and codes make just the tip of the iceberg.

It stretches deep down, swelling with today sales, weekly deals, and its majesty the big sales of Black Friday. What's even more interesting about promo codes is that it isn't just a customer who rejoices at their sight. Businesses yield as much if not more than you.

What is in it for business? Promo codes bloom as the tool of formidable dimension if wielded wisely. Let's peek at a few smart ways to gain more momentum in marketing using promo codes.

1) Even regular customers fall prey to sinfulness. Even your most loyal beloved customers abandon their shopping carts. A promo code may be the ultimate remedy to this chronic issue.

You must have already felt that frustration with each one of the 37.2 cells of your body. It is when your customer veers off the righteous path halfway. There could be many reasons for such occasions. But the most common one is his or her discontent with the price at checkout. You can easily reach them out via email, sending them a gesture of goodwill in the form of a promo code. 

2) Let your customers know that every 5th or 10th order will see a gift or a substantial discount coming their way. Promo codes help to attract your customers' interest.

Smart people who do science say that if you increase your customer pool by just 5%, the revenue could truly skyrocket (if you play your cards right of course). Saying “skyrocket” we mean the figure as small as 25% and as mind-blowing as 95%! Imagine doubling your revenue at such low effort as increasing your audience by just 5%. Loyalty programs paired with promo codes and coupons make an explosive substance in this case. Let your audience be engrossed with buying more and receiving a reward (make it meaningful, please). You will be rewarded a thousandfold (it is the figure of speech).

3) This is the first time they have put their foot on the webpage of your store. Don't scare them off. Prospects’ hearts are won by wise businesses with the help of promo codes

Expanding your target audience isn't rocket science. But it could be a costly effort. You need to fork out and sometimes even cough up a robust chunk of money to turn first-time shoppers into regular clientele. A promo code is a striking, barrier-breaking force. It sets wavering prospects in motion, alluring them to buy good stuff at such a tempting coupon-triggered discount. 

Let's recur to the point where we talked about wise businesses. Doing marketing in a smart way means using today's extension and add-on services. Along with helping to generate promo codes and coupons in the right place at the right time, those services provide a wide spectrum of add-ons and extensions to collect and analyze data. DiscountReactor Extension is a gateway to coupons and promo codes from more than 8000 web stores around the globe. You can equip Chrome or Firefox web browsers with the DiscountReactor extension in just one click. 

Marketing is all about making a good (better stunning), lasting impression. A marketing action targets regular clientele along with first-time shoppers. Promo codes appeal to businesses as an effective and inexpensive way to increase the pool of target customers.  

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