Give Your Home 2022 Update With These Interior/Exterior Colors

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A few coats of the perfect paint color can completely transform a home, both inside and outside. And with many colors to choose from, there are many ways a residential interior painting company in Parker can transform your home. Some color combinations are evergreen classics that you can safely bet on. But if you want to try something new, then here are some trendy colors for interior and exterior walls.


The role of colors in the interiors isn’t just limited to enhancing their appeal. They also create the room’s ambiance and affect the occupants’ mood. Here are some colors you should consider for your interior walls:


Shades of orange are great at bringing an uplifting vibe during the day and a comforting atmosphere during the evening. This versatile color is a wonderful way to welcome people to your home. Deep orange in particular is a vibrant and inviting shade that packs a punch and conveys optimism and hope.

Mid-Brown Taupe

Mid-brown taupe is also a wonderful choice that you should consider when consulting a residential interior painting company in Parker. Its velvety cocoa shade makes it a striking choice for any room. It can look neat and personalized or soft and welcoming. Mid-brown taupe creates a warm background that works well with soft furnishings and fabrics.

Ocean-Inspired Hues

Ocean-inspired hues create an energizing vibe that offers a mental escape from the stress of daily life. You can turn up the intensity with a gloss finish or subdue it with a flat matt. Many mistakenly think of blues as cold (which some shades can be) but the shade reminiscent of skies and oceans is full of vitality. This shade looks equally stunning in sunlit rooms and low-lit rooms.

You can keep it simple by using it with white, add some drama with darker hues or use pastel tones for a beach-like vibe.


If you want to evoke feelings of happiness, positivity, energy, and vitality, then yellow is the perfect color for the task. You can ask your painter to add it to the areas of your home that see a lot of activity and socializing like the kitchen and dining room. 

An earthy tobacco shade of yellow is perfect for those put off by bright yellow. It’s especially effective for darker, moodier spaces because of the feeling of warmth it creates.


Exterior paint schemes add to your street appeal and help you create a visual impact, helping you boost your property value or rental income. Some color combinations you may want to try on the exteriors include:


Monochromatic black facades are quite the rage in 2022. They are so different from the exteriors that have been done in the past. Many homeowners find the modern and unique palette appealing for residential exterior painting in Castle Rock. This shade can make even traditional houses seem modern and stand out.

All-black facades work very well with the surrounding greenery. Other than black, you can also try saturated dark hues. If you don’t want to paint the whole exterior in a dark shade, you can use these colors for the front door and shutters instead to create a classic focal point.

Warm Earthy Neutrals

Warm earthy neutrals are staples when it comes to interior painting. They have recently started making their presence known on the outside as well. These organic shades mimic the color of earth, clay, and stone quire well and blend into the surrounding areas easily. 

Rich chocolaty brown shades are popular for homes nestled in lush green landscaping. Sepia tones work perfectly with houses in arid areas.


Rich shades of charcoal are catching on in popularity among those feeling more adventurous when it comes to residential exterior painting in Castle Rock. Shades of charcoal bring a stylish edge to your home while you get to have fun testing accent colors for the front door.

Home Maintenance
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