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How to use an Absence Reporting Service (ARS)

Emily Alvin
How to use an Absence Reporting Service (ARS)

Did you know that there is a service that allows employees to report their absences ? An absence reporting service (ARS) is an application that allows employees to provide their absence information using a check-in line, a text, or an online form.

What is an ARS?

Inbound call centers or answering services have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they provide a way for businesses to efficiently interact with customers, both internal and external, without the high cost of adding additional headcount.

One feature of some answering services is the absence reporting service (ARS). An ARS is typically used by businesses that require employees to report their absences in advance, such as schools, factories, government entities, and many others.

The service allows these entities to maintain a high level of productivity while ensuring that absences are properly recorded. It also streamlines many HR responsibilities.

An absence reporting service typically charges a monthly fee based on the amount of volume anticipated, or number of call-offs. Businesses using a Florida answering service may want to consider using an ARS to improve their Absentee Reporting System's compliance rate.

How does an ARS work?

When an employee is going to be absent from work, they call, text, or submit a form that goes into the absentee reporting system. At that point, the absentee reporting system will immediately contact the manager or supervisor to let them know that employee will be absent. That absence is recorded in a database that is accessible, downloadable, and archived for HR purposes.

The live absence reporting system also allows employers the option to have a call center agent find the next employee to backfill the absence. This feature is one that is used by a lot of factories, where absenteeism can literally stop production.

The service also offers employers the ability to send notifications about plant shutdowns, weather delays, or other pertinent business information.

How do employees submit absences through an ARS, and what are the benefits of doing so?

The benefits of using ARS include:                                                                                             

Employees can easily provide their request for time off.

ARS ensures that employees have the proper documentation for their absences, and that managers have a record of all late arrivals and time off taken.

As a result, ARS helps to improve communication between employees, managers, and HR to prevent errors in time tracking.

What are some of the common issues employers face with ARS?

One of the common issues employers face with an absentee reporting system is trying to determine if the service will work well for their business. This can be a difficult task because each business has different needs.

Another common issue employers face is determining how much to pay for the service. The best way to compute this is to determine how much time HR is spending on these efforts and whether their time can be used in a better manner.

Finally, some employers may have concerns about privacy and security when using an ARS. Typically there is a 2-step verification model employed for absentee reporting systems, so your business’ information is safe and secure.

A Florida answering service will typically offer an absentee reporting system, so a business can reach out to them to find out their options. 

Emily Alvin
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