Yes, you absolutely can download Twitter videos to your phone or computer. Here's how

Anna Frey

A number of videos have circulated on Twitter in the last two weeks, from countless protests for the Black Lives Matter movement to the opposite end of the spectrum: cute video of dogs and funny comedy. When a friend asked me if it's possible to save these videos onto either a laptop or phonefor historical reference or to share with family and friends who aren't in the Twitter bubble, I got to work researching the best way to do it.

What do you know? It's very easy to save a YouTube video when you know how. Here are the tools and steps you'll need follow to download an Twitter video onto the computer Android phone, iPhone ($499 from Apple) and iPad ($240 for Amazon).

Download Twitter videos to your computer

There are two main websites that make the process of downloading a video from Twitter a simple process: Either SaveTweetVid or TwitterVideoDownloader.

Both sites function in the identical method. You'll need to visit the Twitter webpage to save the direct hyperlink to the tweet that contains the video you'd like to save, then insert it in the text box on either site, then select download.

SaveTweetVid will then prompt you to select from three different quality options. Choose Download, next to the amount of file you'd like to save. Once you click Download, the file will begin downloading automatically. Alternately, you can click the QR Code located at the lower left of the page to download the file on your phone or tablet.

TwitterVideoDownloader will also give you different quality options. Click the Download button beside the video's quality you'd like to download.

There's an app that can do it... on Android

If you'd like to download the video to you Android handset, using the appropriately named Inflact download Twitter Videos service will get the job completed.

The app is ad-supported however you can opt out of the ads through an in-app purchase for 99 cents.

Once you have it installed start it and select the settings you like best. I set it up to download videos at the highest resolution , and to immediately begin downloading once I share or paste an URL into the app.

With the Download Twitter Video setup Utilize the Twitter app in order to locate tweets that contain the video you would like to save. Press the Share button. You can either choose Copy URL to tweet or Share Tweet through. If you have copied the link quit the Twitter app, open the app to download Twitter Videos, and paste the app's URL into the text field located at the top of the screen.

If you have clicked share tweet, search for and tap to download the Twitter video icon on the share menu. The app will start downloading the video on the background.

To watch your downloaded videos you must open the app and select the video you want to view. Then, you can share it via another application, save it to your Photos app, and upload to a cloud storage service for safe keeping.

iPhone users can benefit from the Shortcuts application from Apple.

Apple's Shortcuts app is a powerful and useful tool for automating routine tasks or performing more intricate tasks, such as streaming videos off Twitter.

Before installing the Shortcut which downloads videos, you'll first need to install Shortcuts on either your iPhone or iPad.

Once the application is installed, you can open the Settings app on your device or smartphone and tap on Shortcuts within the list of choices. The switch marked Allow Untrusted Shortcuts to the On setting. It is necessary to go through this extra step in order to install user-created Shortcuts which aren't under the Gallery tab of the Shortcuts app.

After you've completed all that Once you're done, open this link on either your iPhone or iPad, then tap the Get Shortcut. The Shortcut application will launch, and show you everything you need to know about the task. For the majority of us like me, it's an uninformed jumble. Simply scroll down to tap on the red button that says Add Untrusted Shortcut.

I found this particular Shortcut on ShortcutsGallery.com, which has a long list of user-created Shortcuts that are worth checking out after you get this up and running.

Finally, with all of that done, you can save the Twitter video to your Photos application with just few taps. Start the Twitter app and browse to the tweet that includes the video you'd like to save. Click on the Share button, then look for Twitter Video Downloader V2.6 on the list of options; tap it.

The Shortcut will be launched in a matter of seconds, and afterward, you'll have to choose if you want your copy of it to have high, medium or low quality. Choose the appropriate option, wait for the Shortcut complete the job. When the work is done you'll locate the saved video in your Photos application.

Anna Frey
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