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Solar energy in Pakistan is a beneficial investment for your business

Shams Power
Solar energy in Pakistan is a beneficial investment for your business

Many countries, including Pakistan, have endorsed solar energy. Pakistan's energy generation used to be primarily reliant on fossil fuels. Due to its large population and rapid industrialization, these sources could not meet its present energy demands. Meanwhile, they had negative environmental consequences and were too expensive to electrify isolated locations. Pakistan is going solar to address this problem. 


Solar Energy's Advantages


Why would we utilize solar energy, a question that arises in our contemporary world? This question has several solutions. Our non-renewable resources are running out of quantity, to put it simply. Other comprehensive technical responses include environmentally friendly energy, off-grid energy (self-reliability), utilization of underutilized land, reduced electricity loss, improved grid security (if linked to grid), more employment produced, and economic stability.


Environmentally friendly, clean energy: Solar energy is a clean, ecologically beneficial form of well-known energy. Solar power is an excellent option to lower your carbon impact. Solar energy has no negative environmental consequences. Solar energy produces no greenhouse gases and requires no additional resources except clean water to operate. It is, therefore, both safe and environmentally friendly. Even still, some individuals remain skeptical about the benefits of solar energy. Solar energy is self-sufficient, and putting solar panels on your roof is a simple and safe way to contribute to a more sustainable future. Beginning with your own house is an excellent way to demonstrate your environmental concern.


Off-grid energy (self-reliability): The decreasing cost of solar panels illustrates why solar energy should be used more frequently. Coal and natural gas are widely used in traditional energy generation. They are not only detrimental to the environment, but they also deplete scarce resources (non-renewable). This results in a very volatile market, with energy costs fluctuating daily.

Solar power increases your energy independence! By investing in a 4kW solar system, the most common house size, you can easily protect yourself against sudden energy bill surges and enjoy affordable electricity throughout the day. The rates of the sun will never climb, ensuring your energy security. You've theoretically achieved energy independence after installing solar panels on your roof (Off-grid standalone). Solar battery storage systems may also be used to store power for later use, such as at night or on rainy days.


On-Grid Solar System: A grid-tie solar system is the most cost-effective solar option since it allows users to utilize solar panels with grid support. The system may be employed without batteries because of the grid connection, making it economical and dependable.

The system's type and capacity determine the cost of an on-grid solar system in Pakistan. A 5KW system is more expensive than a 3KW system but less expensive than a 10KW system. Similarly, a system with larger capacity solar panels and a more feature-rich inverter will cost more than one with fewer features.


Usage of underutilized land: You might question why solar electricity is used on the new property. Solar energy has become more accessible to most of us as the need for it has grown. Across Pakistan, enormous swaths of land are undeveloped, far from major cities or capitals. We can genuinely use the land and produce immense value with solar power; solar energy is a power source for everyone. We won't have to utilize expensive land that may be better used elsewhere. Solar farms are large-scale solar energy gathering installations that you may have heard of. This clearly illustrates how solar energy makes use of unused land. For example, a 400-acre solar farm was recently constructed in Pakistan, with a power output of 400 MW.


Solar Power Reduces Electricity Loss: Electricity must be carried over long distances from extensive power facilities to end-users. Long-distance transmissions result in power losses. Have you ever thought about why solar panels are used? They're on your roof to collect solar energy. Rooftop solar power can help boost electricity efficiency due to the short distance. Your energy becomes domestic, and you gain control over your costs and energy use. Solar power systems are also long-lasting, reducing the odds of service interruption.


Solar Power Improves Grid Security: When many people switch to solar power, there are fewer blackouts and brownouts. Every home in the PK that has solar panels installed serves as a mini power plant. As a result, we have more energy system security, especially in natural or human-caused calamities. You may also get compensated to export power back to the grid with the help of solar panel incentives (net-metering).


Solar Power Is A Free Energy Source: The sun gives us more energy than we can utilize, and no one can monopolize it. Your solar power system will begin saving money the instant it is turned on, but the benefits of solar electricity are most apparent over time. The longer you own your solar power system, the more you profit from solar technology while helping the environment.


Solar energy has a second application in addition to solar power. Solar energy is commonly associated with electricity obtained using PV panels, but harnessing the sun's energy for warmth is also feasible. This is done by using solar thermal systems, which turn sunlight into heat. Solar technology is becoming more widely accepted, and we can begin by expanding our usage of solar panels.


In Pakistan, solar energy generates jobs and economic growth: Solar energy can boost our country's economy. The more people choose solar, the greater the demand for solar panels from businesses. As a result, more skilled employees are employed, and the economy continues to thrive. For example, in 2015, the United Kingdom became the continent's second-biggest solar employer, using 35,000 people, and the continent's largest solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installation market.




Shams Power is one of the top solar energy companies in Pakistan, providing cost-effective solar systems that enable you to migrate to solar energy and achieve energy independence quickly.

Contact us at (+92) 0341 7426777 or visit https://www.shams-power.com. Shams Power works with you to include as many energy efficiency improvements as possible in commercial solar financing and rooftop solar processes. It helps to lower your carbon footprint and cuts down on the number of PV panels needed to satisfy your current and future solar energy system requirements.


Shams Power
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