How can the download process of Insta Story to your computer

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Follow these steps to download your selected photo or video directly onto your desktop. You can Save and Download all the Stories you wish to download.

How do you maintain the Instagram Story going? Do you take a screen capture or screencast

There is a way to save Stories from another source onto your Camera Roll by simply making a screen capture of the Story or by making screencasts.

Do I get my Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories by Taking a Screenshot

  1. Get started with using the Instagram application.
  2. You can find the Story you'd like to download by scrolling through all the Stories you see on your main screen, or by visiting the profile page of the user.
  3. Utilize the volume and side buttons on your iPhone.

This guideline will allow you to capture a picture from your Story. The photo is automatically saved to the Camera Roll. Notifying users every time you take a snapshot isn't an option on Instagram.

What happens if if the Story you're trying to save is a screencast? Screencasting is a possibility. First, you must ensure that the screencast control that you want to use can be easily accessible. This is how you connect it into the Control Center.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Go to Control Center > Modify Controls.
  3. Scroll down until you can see Screen Recording.
  4. To add it, click on the plus green icon.

After it's in your Control Center here are the steps you should take to use this built-in feature in order to archive the Instagram stories of a different user:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. You can find the Story you wish you download, by scrolling across the Stories at the top of the screen or visiting the profile page of the user.
  3. If you own one of the iPhone X, iPhone X+ or iPhone 8 or older, you'll be able access Control Center. Control Center by swiping from the upper-right corner or the lower edge on the display.
  4. Check out the video.
  5. The red box on the upper-left corner of the screen is the clock.
  6. To stop the screencasting, click Stop.

These steps will allow you to record the user's Story and save it directly on your Camera Roll.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic tool. We hope that you enjoy sharing your Stories and we hope that this guide makes it easier to save your Stories. We've also discussed the steps needed to archive Snapchat videos in depth. More on Inflact.

Anna Frey
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