Keep your dog clean in winter

John David

The winter months create new challenges as you try to keep your dog friends healthy, happy and clean. But as you might say, there are a few times a year that can be more fun than winter. Dog owners need to know how much their pets enjoy playing in fresh snow, but protecting your dog during the cold months can be a challenge for the most experienced owner. So, to help you, here are some tips and tricks to keep your furry friends healthy and looking their best.

Protect your paws!

Products used for defrosting, such as sand and salt, can be found in many places during the winter months. These products can irritate the dog's paws and also cause drying and cracks. Be sure to wash your dog's paws with warm water to remove any residue after spending time outdoors. This protects their paws from frostbite and any irritation. Another neat trick is to trim the hair around and between the toes; if it gets too long, it can tone hair and add snow and ice.

Dry skin

Like humans, winter is usually the worst time of the year to dry a dog's skin. The cold dry air leaves the skin of the cups dry and itchy. To prevent this, it is definitely useful to take a bath regularly. But you should also use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and make sure the products you use are designed for dogs. Using a human product on a dog can dry out your pet's skin more than it already does. Another handy tip is to sweep often; this stimulates the skin and produces natural oils that will help keep your dog comfortable. (dog poop pick up service)

Clipping nails

Because your pet is less active outdoors in winter, your dog's nails will grow faster than it did the rest of the year. By cutting them more often, they stay comfortable and you realistically save on your furniture and flooring. If you are not sure how to shave your nails properly, talk to your vet.

Schedule regular surgery

If your dog is a breed that requires regular grooming throughout the year, follow this schedule. Many coat owners allow their dogs to grow in the winter, but long hair can cause carpeting and serious skin problems in general. If you grow your pet's hair, brush it more often, even daily. If you are worried that your dog may develop a cold, it may be a good idea to wear a sweater or fleece.

John David
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