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Guide To Hair Transplant And Techniques | Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Neha Sharma
Guide To Hair Transplant And Techniques | Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Are you stressed because of hair loss? Stop enduring your baldness anymore and regain your natural hair with Best Hair Transplant In Delhi performed at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic!

Hair thinning, bald spots, and receding hairlines are the common medical concerns that most men and women experience. There are various treatments for hair loss among which hair transplant is preferred by people for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes and long-lasting hair restoration.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure involving the removal of small portions of hair-bearing scalp grafts from areas more resistant to balding or back or sides of the head or sometimes other body parts and their relocation on bald or thinning areas. This is accomplished via the transfer of follicular units (naturally occurring 1-4 hair).

Hair Transplant Treatment performed in Delhi at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic by the best hair transplant surgeon can help one reverse hair loss and get back voluminous hair.

There are two major technical methods for hair transplant: FUT and FUE. In these hair transplant techniques storage and grafts, placement is essentially identical and the only biggest difference is in the method of extraction of hair follicles. Both are safe and effective methods to restore thicker, healthier, natural-looking hair.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)/ FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) in Delhi:

FUT is a conventional graft harvesting technique. In this method following steps are performed:

  • The surgeon first anesthetizes the patient’s scalp.
  • After the donor area gets numbed, the doctor removes a 2-3cm wide and 10-20cm long scalp strip from the donor site (an area within the permanent zone). The wounded area is closed with stitches, leaving behind one, very fine linear scar.
  • The extracted donor strip is dissected into individual follicular unit grafts with the help of a stereomicroscope.
  • Simultaneously, as the follicular unit grafts are prepared, the doctor makes tiny incisions in the recipient area.
  • The prepared follicular unit grafts are arranged and positioned into the created holes based on the patient’s case, their history of hair loss, and the chances of having future hair loss.

Advantages of FUT:   

  • The stereo-microscopic dissection for isolation of follicular units from the donor strip does not allow their breakage or damage. The whole follicular unit remains intact which maximizes hair growth and ensures maximum fullness to the hair restoration. Hence, it is an ideal option for people in need of multiple grafts.
  • Patients can keep long hair that helps cover up the linear scar.
  • Usually, the FUT process takes a shorter time (only 4-12 hours) than FUE.
  • It is often low priced than FUE.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in Delhi:

It is a minimally-invasive graft harvesting technique. In this method, the follicular unit grafts are extracted one by one from the donor area and the process is repeatedly done until enough hair follicles are there as per planned hair restoration.

In this method, the surgeon makes a small, circular incision around each graft in the skin around each follicular unit using very thin (0.6-0.8mm), specially designed extraction punches or micro punches are used to separate the graft from surrounding tissues. The grafts are harvested and pulled directly from the scalp using micro forceps leaving behind small open holes in the donor area.

Before harvesting the follicular unit grafts, the surgeon makes tiny incisions in the recipient area using a very fine needlepoint tool and the extracted grafts are delicately placed into each hole so that they grow into healthy-hair producing hair follicles. There are different ways of doing this such as the slit technique, sapphire-tip slit technique, and direct hair implantation using special Choi implanters. Post-surgery, gauze or bandage is used to cover the scalp for a few days.

Advantages of FUE:

  • There is no linear scarring on the donor area rather barely noticeable tiny dot scars are left behind after the surgery. The patient usually does not require stitches.
  • Patients can have short haircuts as there is minimal scarring.
  • In a single session, several strands of hair can be transplanted. It is suitable for people who require a small number of grafts in their hairline.
  • It is associated with a shorter healing time than FUT.

To get the best hair transplantation treatment at an affordable cost visit Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic, Hair Transplant Treatment Clinic in Delhi.

Neha Sharma
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