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A Guide to Signing and Stamping Digital Documents in 2022

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A Guide to Signing and Stamping Digital Documents in 2022

A digital signature is an e-signature that comprises a mathematical algorithm, is encrypted in nature, and is unique to each person, just like a handwritten signature. They establish the authenticity of the document/message on which they are placed and the identity of the person or organization providing the document. This means — the message/document/information coming from the signer is unaltered and original in every sense.

What are digital signature and digital document?

An online digital stamp works on the same principle other than the fact that it’s a seal or an image that is “stamped” digitally over the digital document to add an extra layer of encryption. A digital document can be any electronic file or information transferred or generated electronically. In addition, a digital document can be signed using a digital signature.

Determining the integrity of digital documents and signatures

In the case of a digital signature, a unique hash value is created for each piece of data that is being signed. These signatures use the Public Key cryptography method, also known as asymmetric encryption. This method comprises a key pair system with a ‘Public key’ to encrypt the data and a ‘Private key’ to decrypt the data.

To assess the integrity of a digital document, one needs first to understand how these things work.

The uniqueness lies in that only the recipient who possesses the corresponding private key to a message can access it. The entire Public Key Infrastructure comprises several standards, policies, certification authorities, and people that regulate and maintain the distribution of such keys.

Legal status and legislation related to digital documents and signatures and stamps

Although the legal status and acceptance of digitally signed documents and digital signatures vary in different countries, they hold the same integrity and legal status as a handwritten signature in most industrialised countries.

In India, it has been legal since 2000, as mentioned in the Information Technology Act, granting digital signatures the same legal status as handwritten signatures.

How to get your digital signature and stamp done?

Several third-party certificate authorities (CA) can make a digital stamp for you with all the legal bindings needed for the same.

However, if you want to get started immediately, there are several methods available to create a digital stamp and signature. There are multiple software and digital stamp makers on the internet who are willing to do it for you in exchange for some amount of money or sometimes even for free, or you can create yourself by following a simple series of steps via a Microsoft partner using the ‘SelfCert.exe’ in your Microsoft enabled computer.

Wrapping Up

With flourishing digitization, it is imperative to realize the benefits of digital documents, signatures, and stamps. Especially if you are in a business that involves handling and executing contracts and documents, look no further! Instead, adapt to these methods. Despite being around for a while, the applications of this method are limited, but it is only a matter of time!

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