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Gifts 101: Luxury Kids Wooden Chair For The Little Ones

Dragons of Walton Street
Gifts 101: Luxury Kids Wooden Chair For The Little Ones

Kids are some of the trickiest people to give gifts to. Especially toddlers since there’s a tendency to be torn between giving them toys and clothes or opting for other usable items that are not often considered usual gifts.

Kids’ wooden chair is one of the latter options, but choosing this specific piece of furniture for your favourite toddler can be one of your best purchases and we’ll tell you why!

Why Luxury Kids Furniture

Luxury extends its magic regardless of age. You would want a child to have luxury items for the exact same reasons an adult would want one.

Kids too, deserve luxurious gifts for they are made with only the best quality of materials, and with that comes the high probability that it will last them years.

Luxury kids furniture is comfortable and cosy– to top it all off, they can be exquisitely stylish as well.

Take a wooden chair for example. At first thought, you might think: what’s so special about a wooden chair? Well, first, they can be very useful.

Say, maybe the child you’re thinking of giving it to enjoys writing and drawing or maybe making doodles on paper, then there’s a high chance that the child will enjoy using the wooden chair.

The luxury children wooden chairs from shops like Dragon Of Walton Street can also make for an excellent statement piece in the child’s room and with it being made from high-end materials, you can expect that the furniture can remain in pristine condition even in the years to come.

Why Choose A Kids Wooden Chair

Toddler chairs are often related to creativity and learning as they spend their formative years in their first study chairs.

The Dragons Rush Seated Chair is a luxury kids wooden chair from Dragons Of Walton Street. It is an example of an ultimate bestseller- and why not? It boasts of being hand-turned in beechwood and comes in different designs to fit the child’s needs.

The best thing about them is that they are hand-painted- making each piece extremely personal and you have the option to customize it even further by incorporating the child’s name into the design.

This chair is so well-loved that even adults buy its grown-up version so you can also get one for every member of the family.

Another excellent piece is a collaboration by Marcel Wanders and Cybex– together they created a kid’s version of ‘The Monster Chair’– but don’t worry it’s not scary looking! It is actually the complete opposite as the embroidered, colourful design surprisingly fits the sleekness of its black and white base.

This chair is more for the younger kids as it is available as a high chair.

Final Thoughts

Luxury furniture for adults can be found anywhere- but like the sterling bathtub, it’s not the same for kids. The rarity gives them an exclusive touch on top of all the other benefits that come with buying them.

You’re guaranteed the most adorable giggles as well as the tightest hugs when you decide to go with this endearing gift.

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Dragons of Walton Street
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