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How to read a contact lens prescription?

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How to read a contact lens prescription?

You've finished your contact lens fitting and received your new contact lens prescription, but what exactly does that mean? 

This article will assist you in deciphering and comprehending your contact lens prescription. Details on the contact lenses you should use may frequently be found on: 

1) the contact lens prescription that your optometrist has given you; 

2) your contact lens case's side 

3) If you can't discover your prescription, you can contact your optician to learn more about the lenses you're wearing.

The contact lens prescription

A common contact lens prescription includes the following:

1) Basecurve (BC): your contact lens reveals how curved it is. To locate the best fitting contact lens for you, your optician will try to match the curvature of your contact lens to the shape of your eye.  

2) Diameter (DIA): The length of the contact lens from one edge to the other is measured.T his is the contact lens's actual size, and it's utilized to ensure that the contact lens covers the right regions of your eye.

3) Dioptre (D) / Power (pwr) / Sphere (sph): This number is measured in dioptres and represents the lens power required to correct your long or short-sightedness (D). A negative (-) symbol signifies Myopia whereas a plus (+) sign indicates Hyperopia. Your prescription will be stronger if the number is greater. 

4) Contact lens name: Most contact lens prescriptions will include a brand, type, or manufacturer name so that you may repurchase your lenses if your prescription is still valid. 

5) Cylinder: The degree of astigmatism you have is determined by the curvature of the structures in your eye. If this part is blank, you do not have astigmatism and are just farsighted or nearsighted. If you have astigmatism, a value and an axis will be entered in this field. 

6) Axis: This figure is usually between 0-180 degrees and is the direction in which an extra power is provided to the contact lens to correct your astigmatism. We have contact lenses for astigmatism to help your eyes feel ease.

7) Additional power: The magnification power given to your multifocal contact lenses to aid reading and close work. This is always a + value and can be recorded as High, Low, Medium, or the power value itself. 

Lensbooking UAE
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