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Kiran Bedi

I sure do so. She's an introvert and she loves using Twitter spaces. So it seems like she's so active on Twitter spaces. You'd wonder, is she really an introvert? But she is. We've had this conversation a lot. A zoom video call or a Twitter space and I'm side adding you.

Alright, awesome, so let's jump to Mary Anne. So Marianne. Welcome to this space as well. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much for joining us and super follow creators. Just like yourself have and you have an amazing engaged community of supporters that actually subscribe to your content. So I'm going to start off with your rapid-fire and then we'll go from there and then we'll get to know them. We'll get to know all these creators a little bit more, but.

That is a surprising subscriber-only zoom call where you get to get all dressed up and let your subscribers see how you look or would you like to join a subscriber-only


Hmm, that is a surprising subscriber-only zoom call where you get to get all dressed up and let your subscribers see how you look. Or would you like to join a subscriber-only MaryanneChisholm.eth ᴺᶠᵀ Known Origin Ambassador.

Because I can wear my pajamas B. There are days when my hair does not cooperate and I show everyone my face anyway and see because I feel like I can be more spontaneous on Twitter spaces without looking like I'm completely challenged physically.

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I love that I love that awesome. Alright, so now we're going to go to coach William, so coach William welcome and thank you for joining us in this space today as we talk. You're welcome as we talk about building a community on Twitter. You have built a community of over 50,000 basketball players, coaches and fans, and fans of the basketball sport. We are super excited to have you join us today and then lend your POV on community building.

Twitter, but First things first. You know we have to break the ice with this. This rapier so lives basketball tournament or watch it on TV.

that makes sense yeah I'm all for the tight-knit community I feel like there's power in that tight-knit community and when you serve the people at the table first you don't have to necessarily go out and ask other people to join you at the dinner table when you serve them right they keep coming back for more so I love that.

Hmm, that makes sense. Yeah, I'm all for the tight-knit community. I feel like there's power in that tight-knit community and when you serve the people at the table first, you don't have to necessarily go out and ask other people to join you at the dinner table when you serve them right, they keep coming back for more. So I love that spaces coming to super follows or a live video call with your subscribers.

Ohh spacers to spaces the Super followers, not even debatable 100%. It's better and it's just more authentic. I found that people they're more free-flowing and I've conducted both and I don't even think that it's remotely close. I think space is with the Super followers.

Alright, so let's dig into the questions now, shall we? So audience you're ready for this. So let me see some emojis drop. Let me make sure you guys are all awake awesome. Alright? So Ivy, one of the things I wanted to ask you is whether you also work in big tech at one of the world's most famous Fortune 100 companies. So we know that you're super busy, yet you've still carved out time to use space. This space is a product not only to build a tremendous community of over 40,000.

Loyal fans, but you've also dedicated your content to helping people from undeserved communities find tech jobs interview, better land rules, and also find mentorship. You do this on Twitter and no other platform. Why did you choose Twitter spaces as the place where you wanted to build this community and do this?

Thanks for the question. I mean I would say that. Well, first of all, the timing worked because I started having a live audio conversation just around the time the spaces were in the early days and when I started using spaces I really loved the flexibility that came with it and it was similar to, well, Marianne was talking about a few minutes ago, and so when I did my first space, I'm like, oh wow, this is cool. So I just kept going and I was really pumped to keep having spaces.

That space is really allowed me to leverage my existing audience on the platform, and I think that's one of the things that makes spaces unique previously before spaces I was doing more of the text-based content where maybe I posted tweets threads, but I like how Twitter spaces are making my content more diversified so I'm able to add audio as part of what I provide to my community. And then also when it comes to living feedback is one of the things I like about it.

Cases so live feedback audience engagements during the spaces, and I think it's all part of what makes this community empowering for me. So for my spaces, I use a hashtag which is spaces with IV, and depending on the topic we have out either ask people to request the MIC to speak or to use a hashtag to share their thoughts. And so this also makes me feel connected to the community because sometimes I just go to the hashtag and I check all the past comments and tweets that people have.

Did I relive those moments even times when I'm not having the space? So that's really why I'm on spaces and I keep using spaces.

I love that you talked about how it just made it a little bit easier because you already had your community here on the platform and they were able to get that live feedback from them. And that's what I love to do. I always say that you can tweet and sound really witty and smart, but there's something about doing this, like life where you're having a conversation with people and you're able to do this life where everything you're saying is really coming from your heart and then able be.

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And can I also add the even like when I started having spaced my following, just like Skyrocket said because they continually engaging with people on the platform like people have come to identify me as someone who is sharing a lot of content, especially when the count is taken career and so even though I didn't start spaces to grow my followers and it was like a side effect and that's one of the end results of organizing phases?

Have you guys heard that so in ivy experience she said she didn't start off wanting to build her following with spaces but her following did skyrocket? I absolutely loved that and she said it not me. Ghost spaces and luckily spaces is also coming to super follows. So really excited about that. And yeah this is so awesome. I'd love to hear that Ivy. Alright great, so Marianne coming to you now. So for you, you've also hosted so many spaces.

I'm curious to know what you typically share in those spaces, and how do you encourage your followers to actually join your spaces so it's one thing to create a space? Schedule a space, but how do you encourage them to actually join the space? Is it primarily an FT focus, info sharing, Q&A? So teach us and you know, give us some. Give us some tips about that.

I think at the end of FT space everyone is so preoccupied with sales hatka I am. We all are. I mean we need sales in order to survive and that's part of life. But there are so many spaces where people just go. Here's my work. Here's my project. Here's what I'm selling. Here's what I'm doing and it's boring and redundant and it takes away from the art and one of the things I noticed was as someone who's sold successfully.

over 200 and 59th and they were largely one of the ones which means one of a kind I learned that people. Over 250 lofts and they were largely one of one, which means one of a kind. I learned that people connect with stories.

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I learned that people connect with the story. They want to know the person. Why did you create this art? Who are you? Where did you come from? What have you been through? And if you haven't been through something traumatic, what can you tell us about who you are and what drove you to create this piece of art? And I was flabbergasted that there was really no one else doing that and allowing people to actually talk. Sure, there are people saying they're doing that.

Kiran Bedi
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