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How to Keep Your Flight-Risk Employees From Taking Off

Abhi kokitkar
How to Keep Your Flight-Risk Employees From Taking Off

25% of employees are at risk of leaving their job this month due to unhappiness at work. 

Not taking into consideration the financial, labor, and time resources required to replace a single employee, what would it cost to lose 1/4th of your workforce right now?

How quickly could you replace them?

More importantly: How quickly could you replace their unique knowledge and skills?

Probably not before the next 25% walked out the door. 

Sure, this is all a bit hyperbolic. That 25% is spread across companies and industries but it drives the point home.

Replacing even one employee isn’t cheap, quick, or easy. To rephrase my previous question: How many employees can you afford to lose per month?

No worries. Process Street has you covered. This post will go over everything you need to know (plus a few free templates) to keep those flight-risk employees grounded

What creates flight-risk employees?

Dissatisfaction, pure and simple.

This comes out in a variety of ways, but dissatisfaction is the foundation it all builds from. You may think you know who your flight-risks are – junior employees or new hires that haven’t been with the company long enough or don’t know what they want to do yet – and you’d be wrong.

Your top flight-risks are your top performers. In fact, you’ve probably heard them referred to as “rising stars.” You may even have a few yourself. If you’re not careful, those stars will rise right out of your company.

Seeking a higher salary or promotion

Pay has, is, and likely always will be a contentious issue, even before hiring an employee. Job seekers want to know the salary before they apply; in other words, are you worth their time?

Once hired, continued pay transparency plays a lot of importance when it comes to employee satisfaction. 

How is salary calculated? How does an employee’s pay compare to the current market? Does their salary increase with cost-of-living increases? 

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Abhi kokitkar
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