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Ways To Reset Asus Router

Elena Collins
Ways To Reset Asus Router

Asus router is one of the best selling router in the market. It provides great service with high speed internet for all your needs. But sometimes you face issue with your router. There are many reasons due to which that can happen. It can be because the router is not placed properly at a smooth surface. The plugs and wires can be faulty or not connected properly. Another issue can arise due to server error. In that case you should contact your Internet service provider. Sometimes there is a service outage or a maintenance breakdown due to which you loose internet connectivity. In most of the cases or most of the problem can be resolved through factory reset Asus router. Resetting a device wipes out the current configuration of the router and sets it back to the state as it arrived. Let’s have a look at ways to reset your Asus router.

Steps to reset through web interface:

 Type your router IP address in any of the web browser.

 When asked, enter your user name and password.

 Go to the Systems or Systems Tools

 Here you would find Restore or Factory Default.

 Click on that and press OK to confirm.

 Wait for the router to reboot.

 The router will start and the process of reset Asus router to factory settings is now complete.

Steps to reset through reset button:

 Switch on the router

 Press and hold the reset button.

 Hold the button for 15-20 seconds.

 Release the button when you see the lights on the router are stable.

 The router will take a few minutes and set back to default settings.

After you have performed the reset function on your router, it is important to change the login credentials for a secure network. Let’s see how to reset Asus router password. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to reset Asus router password:

 Switch on the router

 Press and hold the power button.

 Through a connected device, go to the login page

 Enter through default credentials or previous one.

 Enter your new password and click ok

 Now, login through the new credentials.

 Connect your router and device to make sure the network is stable.

It is easy to configure the router; you just need to carefully read the instructions. Connect your computer to the LAN cable for an uninterrupted router configuration. After performing, reset Asus router login. You can type the IP address in any web browser and login. You also have the option of changing the default IP address for further security. Thereafter, you can login through Asus router default password. The default password of Asus router is admin or password. It should be typed in lower case. Passwords are case sensitive.


Elena Collins
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