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20 Ideas for Funny Employee Awards & Trophies

Pawan Kumar
20 Ideas for Funny Employee Awards & Trophies

Everyone likes being recognized and thanked for a job well done, especially at work. Look no farther than these funny employee rewards for a fun way to demonstrate your thanks for your employees!  


  1. Coffee Lover Award: This employee can always be found next to the coffee maker, no matter what time of day or night it is. 
  2. Early Bird Award: Who is the person who is always the first to arrive at work? They certainly deserve a pat on the back. 
  3. 5 More Minutes Award: This medal is awarded to those who schedule meetings on the hour, even if you know they won't arrive until at least five minutes later. 
  4. The Empty Fridge Award: An award for that coworker who always knows when the tastiest treats are on their way. 
  5. The Mechanic Award: Because of how frequently their car has been in the shop for repairs, your coworker might as well be a mechanic.
  6. The Olympian Award: We have no doubt that anyone who works eight hours a day while also exercising deserves a gold medal in our book. 
  7. Appointment Maker Award: This person always has a booked appointment for everything from acupuncture to the veterinarian. 
  8. Dish Destroyer Award: Your office sink would be overflowing with dirty dishes unless you have a coworker named "The Dish Destroyer." 
  9. Take a Seat Award: This award is given to the coworker who is always moving around and getting in shape. 
  10. Social Media King/ Queen Award: This award is given to a coworker who goes on excursions and provides wonderful photos on social media. 
  11. New Hobby Award: Employee who is always trying out new interests. 
  12. The Informant Award: If a spectacular event is taking place in your city, you can be confident that this employee is aware of it and will attend.  
  13. Nameless Award: This award should be given to those who can't remember anyone's name.
  14. The Roadside Medic Award: This coworker’s desk drawer has everything you need. 
  15. Office Clown Award: This award is given to a coworker who never fails to make everyone around them laugh. 
  16. The All-Rounder Award: This award is given to a coworker who possesses a diverse set of skills. 
  17. Gourmet King/Queen Award: This coworker comes to work every day with a different lunch recipe in mind. 
  18. The Late Runner Award: This person is constantly late, regardless of whether they overslept or had a flat tire!
  19. The Beautician Award: Are you in need of new hair, skincare, and makeup recommendations? Contact the office beautician. This person has all the beauty tips, tricks, and info you need to glow up.
  20. Code Red Award: Award is given to the individual who everyone knows to go to in times of emergency.

Do you have any other fun employee award ideas in your mind?

Pawan Kumar
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