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Types of Residential Apartment for Sale Calicut

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Types of Residential Apartment for Sale Calicut

Terms like duplex, penthouse, studio, residential apartment, and so on are frequently used when looking for a residential apartment in Calicut. Despite the fact that these terms are frequently interchanged, they relate to various types of residential units or real estate properties.

Types of Residential Apartments

Residential Apartment for Sale Calicut

As a first-time home buyer, you want the best apartment possible in terms of location, layout, price range, storage space, noise and pollution, and so on. Furthermore, there are so many various types of flats to choose from that picking on the perfect one might be difficult. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you accomplish your goals and aspirations. Let’s have a look at the many types of residential apartments available:

1. Studio Apartment

A studio apartment, sometimes known as a studio flat, is a one-room, open-plan apartment. A studio apartment typically consists of a living room, sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom. Some studio flats have partial walls to create separation. There are two sorts of studio residential units: alcove studios and convertible studios.

A distinction between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment is commonly made by homebuyers. The inclusion of a separate bedroom is the only difference between the two.

A studio apartment is the best option for a single homebuyer, but if you’re moving in with someone, a one-bedroom residential apartment is a better choice. Both studio and one-bedroom apartments have enough space, storage, and comfort for two people. It is, however, contingent on your manner of living. Consider how much space you’ll need in your daily routine before you go out and buy a new residential apartment in Calicut.


  • Availability in a prime location
  • Low cost
  • Easy to clean


  • The small size
  • Less scope for redecorating
  • Difficult for socializing and having guests over

2. 2, 3, 4 BHK Apartment

Calicut has a large selection of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments. The letters BHK stand for bedroom, hall, and kitchen. A two-bedroom, two-bathroom house has two bedrooms, a living area, and a kitchen. 3 bhk and 4 bhk are terms for houses with three or four bedrooms, as well as a living room and kitchen.

The demands of a family are met by flats for sale in Calicut with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. These flats are meant to give each family member their own personal area as well as a range of options for renovating, entertaining, working, and relaxing. There is also enough storage space, as well as enough room for built-in amenities and full-sized appliances.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to sell
  • Lower maintenance
  • Ideal for families
  • Better security and amenities
  • More popular in the rental market


  • Limited privacy
  • Limited space
  • Not easy to customize

3. Pent House Apartments

A penthouse is a high-end residential apartment on a multi-story building’s top floor. Penthouses are often 5–15 percent more expensive than other flats in the same building, making them the most expensive type of luxury property in Calicut. They are also located in premium residential districts because they are classed as luxury dwelling units.


  • Spacious and Luxurious
  • Beautiful view


  • Too hot for summer and too cold for winter
  • Hard to find
  • Expensive

4. Duplex Apartments

A two-story residence with two levels of living space is known as a duplex. Duplex residences have become rather widespread in Indian real estate. A duplex house consists of a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. A staircase connects the two stories of a duplex house. As a result, it is sold as a package and only one individual owns it.

This is the main difference between a two-story house and a duplex. Two-story residences are independent from one another and may or may not have an internal stairwell connecting them. For larger families, a duplex residential flat in Calicut is a good choice because it gives much-needed privacy for each family member as well as enough parking.


  • Privacy
  • Greater ROI


  • Maintenance costs
  • Limited options

5. Row Houses

A row home is a group of houses with identical floor plans. These are usually found next to one another, sharing a wall. This is the primary distinction between a row house and a villa. The villas do not share a common wall.

The row houses also share a similar design pattern, architectural style, and appearance. In India’s real estate sector, the concept of row houses is gaining traction.


  • Community living
  • Independence
  • Privacy and security


  • Maintenance cost
  • May not be as secure as gated societies

6. Villa Apartments

A villa is a large, luxurious farm house or country home. Because they are built as separate units with all of the amenities, they are normally separated from one another. Villas in Kerala are usually built in gated communities. Villas are often utilised as beautiful holiday homes with grass and landscaped gardens surrounding them.


  • Luxury of space
  • No overcrowding
  • High levels of privacy
  • Ideal for large families, NRIs and HNIs
  • Easy to customise
  • Land ownership


  • Extra expenses for security
  • Low rental yield
  • Difficult to sell
  • May only be available in suburban locations
  • Highly expensive

Choose the Best Residential Apartment From Thomas Associates, the Best Real Estate Agent in Kerala

Finally, determining which form of the residential apartment is best for you is mostly determined by three factors: your lifestyle, family size, and money. Furthermore, you must prioritise concerns such as privacy, amenities, and location before settling on your new flat in Kolkata. Remember that there is no such thing as “enough space” when it comes to the topic of “which apartment type is appropriate for you.” There is no more worries and queries about the best budget residential apartment in Calicut. Here, Thomas Associates delivers the best residential apartment for sale Calicut. Contact Thomas Associates for more information.

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