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How To Look After Yourvape Batteries And E-Cig

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How To Look After Yourvape Batteries And E-Cig

Once you pay the JUUL price in Japan and buy your e-cig, it is crucial that you take care of your product to ensure the device performs better and makes it last longer. This means that you will spend less money replacing parts of your device and more time enjoying it.

Regularly clean the battery contacts

Cleaning the battery contacts is the best thing to do to take good care of your batteries. Over time, e-juice and debris from bags or pockets can collect in the screw area of your battery. You may notice that there is a green-colored build-up around your battery screw. This is usually because the battery has reacted with debris.


It is recommended to regularly clean the contacts to look after the batteries. A good way to keep a habit of cleaning our device is to give it a quick clean every time you charge it. This will keep your charger clean. People occasionally return batteries because they have stopped working but once the Vape store employees clean the devices, they start to function again.

To clean the contacts of the battery, take a screwed-up piece of cotton wool or dry tissue paper and wipe both the outside and inside the screw part of the battery. Avoid using water to clean the batteries of your device to get the most out of your JUUL pods.

Keep the batteries out of extreme temperatures and sunlight

As with any battery type, exposure to temperatures can damage the battery. When you are not vaping, make sure you keep your batteries away from direct sunlight. You shouldn’t also let your batteries get too cold.

Know when to replace your batteries

A lot of people use a sticker so that they can keep track of when their battery was bought. This is a great way of knowing your battery is getting old and you need to replace it.

Do not overcharge your batteries

You should avoid keeping your batteries plugged in after they are charged. This can cause the battery to deteriorate. Check the LED light to know when your battery is full and remove it from the charger. You shouldn’t leave your battery plugged in for longer than necessary.

Carefully store your batteries

It is recommended to keep your batteries in their case when not in use. This will keep them safe and clean.

Turn off your device when not in use

This is important as it helps preserve your battery. It is also important for safety purposes. You do not want your device to use the battery even when not using it.

Have spare batteries and charges

If you paid the juul 値段 Japan (JUUL price Japan) , there is no need to interrupt your vaping just because your battery is low or because your charger is damaged. The best way to keep your vaping experience going and avoid inconveniences is to have a spare battery and a charger. This is important especially when travelling. You will always have a backup to continue vaping.

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