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The Aquila School – Where Children Are Treated With Love And Respect

The Aquila School – Where Children Are Treated With Love And Respect

The British Curriculum, which also seeks to enhance well-rounded individuals who also comprehend the core principles of their subject areas but also learn how to utilise that knowledge in the real circumstances, places a high value on extracurriculars including such sports and theatrical performances, which help children develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as understand the workings of competition and brotherhood. Children in British Curriculum schools are also encouraged to participate in activities that help them better comprehend academic subjects. The Aquila School is also the best primary school in Dubai to consider. 

About The Aquila School 

The Aquila School has a lot to offer to your child being a British primary school Dubai. They ensure that each child develops an affection for learning with the help of their dedicated and highly experienced professional staff. They also ensure that the students acquire all the future needed knowledge and skills. For meeting the rising needs of education of the nearby communities belonging to Dubai and around the city, The Aquila School was started in September 2018. The school is well known for providing a top-quality English curriculum that is customized to the community’s needs. They are committed to providing outstanding instruction so that your child can make the most progress possible. To accomplish this, they pledge to:

  • Offering a fantastic English and Arabic curriculum
  • Using the greatest British-trained and qualified instructors possible
  • Putting the kids first in all we do
  • Providing youngsters with the right to make choices regarding their own schooling
  • Assisting each child in making the most progress possible

Why Choose The Aquila School As The Best English Primary School In Dubai?

  • For their school design, they have won a significant award. 
  • They have been given an outstanding rating by the British School Overseas (BSO) and are run by the International Schools Partnership (ISP). 
  • In elevating their prior school to an outstanding accreditation, their experienced leadership team was effective and everything they do revolves around the amazing learning. 
  • They feature some of the most advanced amenities of any Dubai school.
  • With a large choice of extra-curricular activities, they are a really inclusive community school 
  • They have a very highly passionate and experienced educational staff. 
  • On Music and the arts, the school places a very high value. 
  • At The Aquila School, you will constantly be aware of your child's growth.

Why Is The Craze For the British Curriculum Primary School In Dubai Increasing?

Here are the top reasons why the craze for the primary school in Dubai increasing:

  • The British Curriculum covers a wide range of courses, including arts, science, and humanities. At the foundation phase of the program, children understand the basics of reading and math.
  • The British Curriculum is organized into 'Key Stages,' which are year-long units of instruction (KS). At the end of each Primary School, students are thoroughly evaluated.
  • Teachers can be innovative with class planning, resulting in differentiated outcomes and a wide range of accomplishments. Because the curriculum covers a wide range of courses, students are encouraged to concentrate on the subjects in which they excel while receiving assistance in those in which they struggle.
  • Students are encouraged to acquire abilities in discussing, debating, questioning, and problem-solving, all of which are valuable talents for college and the industry.

Summing It Up 

If you want your child to learn, grow, and develop in a loved and respected environment then the Aquila School is one of the best schools to go for. Not only it is one of the best primary school in Dubai providing your child with a lot of extracurricular activities for their overall development. Also, the best thing to note about The Aquila School is that they have hired professional and experienced teachers and ensure that every child receives a top-notch education. Visit them now and get your child to study in the best English primary school in Dubai.

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