How do I save Facebook videos – a guide to the smart reuse of content

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Facebook is a great source of content, including videos as well as live gaming and even TV shows. It's now trendy to cleverly reuse content across multiple channels and networks. You can download a Facebook video, edit it, then publish it on your blog, website or Insta. It is legal to reuse public content using this method. Nevertheless, the author's permission is required. Additionally, it's necessary to provide a link to a content source. If you're looking for more information about Facebook copyright guidelines are required, look up their policies on the official website.

Here I'll show you how to benefit from a totally free, secure, and legal service MyFbDownloader. Facebook video downloader Facebook video downloading tool is a web-based tool which allows users to save videos from Facebook video onto a computer or smartphone without quality loss. What is more, it works as an independent tool without additional downloads or installation as well as users do not provide their personal details. Let's get started.

How do I save a Facebook video with just one URL

How can you reuse Facebook content? Creative hacks for digital marketing


How to save Facebook video with just one URL

Based on the above information the complete input information is an active link to a FB publication that contains the desired clip.

Do these steps again if your goal is to store vids on your desktop

The FB website. You can proceed either to a particular post you want to save or work on training using videos saved in your FB library. Choose the Videos menubar in the left part on the display (it's placed in your main). You can see clips of Facebook Watch, Lives, Saved, and also media uploaded by your Facebook friends and community. Pro tip: Bookmark the clips you like while scrolling through the feed. It will be easier to find them later on when you visit Watch. Watch page.

Keep your hyperlink. After you've identified video, select the three dots in the screen's left corner. After that, select the menubar Copy link. Alternately, you can copy it by using the address bar in the browser.

You can go to the tool. Go to the website of Facebook downloader and copy this link into its empty field. Tap on Search.

Download your Video. Now the clip you require is visible on the screen. To save it, select the Download button. The process could take between one to several minutes, depending on the original video's size. The clip arrives in the Downloads folder by default.

In the end, it's straightforward to keep your media files offline at high-quality. Since the service is online it is also possible to use it on your phone or tablet.

Users who need to download Facebook video on a mobile device should follow the same procedure:

Start by downloading the FB application or mobile version.

Find any video you want to add to your gallery. Copy the link using the menu option or the address bar.

Proceed to the downloader in a browser. Include a link in the search box that is blank.

Find a clip from the videos you have on your phone.

Important:The service is compatible with all operating systems.

You've become a pro of saving funny clips, tutorials, Lives, and other shows on Facebook. Here are the four advantages of this method is superior for users who want to record screens and other methods.

Simplicity. It doesn't need registration, download software, or additional steps.

Safety. This method is totally safe and legal. People won't even know that when you download a video they shared on Facebook.

Quality. If you ever tried to capture a screen in order to save the clip then you'll know that quality suffers and the video gets cropped. If you're using pro-ninja tools, the videos are of top quality and are in the original dimensions.

Rapid speed. There is no need to wait hours until the desired clip is downloaded. This service online is renowned for its speed. It takes a few minutes to finish the downloading process.

In the next section, we will explore methods for repurposing video content you find on Facebook. If you're an entrepreneur, a social media marketer, or an influencer, keep an eye on these techniques.

How can you repurpose Facebook content? - innovative techniques for digital marketing

Remaster your videos to be uploaded to YouTube. If you've discovered valuable content on FB then you could show it to YouTube subscribers. Be sure to verify whether the original creator of the video doesn't object to the fact that other users distribute content on their platforms on different platforms. Furthermore, it is possible to edit a video or cut it into pieces and then use an ad-hoc vlog fragment. Go through out the Movavi Video Editor if you need free and basic editing software.

Publish it on your website. Let's say a client posted a demo or a review about the product you sell on FB. It's trustworthy and high-quality material for your site isn't it? A genuine and positive review from a current customer will encourage more customers to purchase from your blog or website. It's an excellent idea to thank the author, download these clips from Facebook and use the clips to sell your products. Make sure you get the consent of the client prior to posting videos that they created.

Reproduce videos for Instagram users. Again, if your customers post reviews, demosor other videos related to your product or service it is possible to make use of this content on different social networks. For instance, clients might record a video , and then post it on a Facebook group. If this isn't a common practice it is possible to ask your community members and provide the participants with a discount as an incentive, as UGC is a potent selling instrument these days. If you collect this information in your FB group, download it, and show it to your Instagram followers. In particular, it's good to utilize videos in your Stories, IGTV, and as a feed video. Furthermore, some companies utilize the best testimonials as creative for their ad campaigns. It is possible that some editing will be required in order to meet the technical requirements.

As you can see there are tons of ways that marketers can creatively exploit videos from one platform by making them available to other social networksThere is no need to shoot costly commercials when you can publish true reviews from real users.


Following this tutorial and you will be able to take advantage of the huge amount of video content that are posted daily on Facebook. With a downloader's helper, you can distribute high-quality clips and get more views of your content.

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