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10 Tips to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

10 Tips to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

All parents have a responsibility to build a strong foundation for their child’s oral health from day one. Babies start smiling as early as birth, and teeth begin to come in around 12 months after birth. We know it’s easy to lose track of the importance of gentle brushing and flossing, or that children need frequent visits to the dentist by age 2 or 3. Thankfully, we have compiled 10 easy steps you can use right now to ensure your baby’s dental health is a priority throughout his or her childhood.

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Take away the pacifier.

 Babies really love their pacifiers. They are a comforting staple for baby and a lifesaver when they are overtired or need some extra soothing. But overusing them can lead to misalignment of teeth and larger dental problems later in life, as well as thumb sucking. It’s also best to lose the bottle sooner rather than later. Make the transition to a Sippy cup early on, so your little one can begin to drink from cups like mom and dad

Start brushing early.       

The sooner you start brushing your baby’s teeth, the better. When they have no teeth, this is a good way to introduce them to what your toothbrush and toothpaste can do for them. It may seem odd to think of cleaning your baby’s mouth before they have any teeth but it’s a great exercise in building a solid oral health routine.

Make flossing a habit

 Kids adopt habits really easily; picking up after themselves, using good manners and going to bed on time are just a few examples. And just when you thought we were already asking too much, we’re going to throw in flossing. You’ve been reminded time and time again that it’s not enough to just brush your teeth and how important it is to floss. Well, it’s just as important for your child.

No more bottle at bedtime

 No more bottle at bedtime. It’s no secret that sleep can be a lost luxury with a growing baby, so it can be tempting to give them a bottle of milk or juice and let them fall asleep. The problem is that when sweeteners in juices and the natural sugars in milk cling to teeth for too long, decay begins to occur, also known as baby bottle tooth decay. And your baby’s saliva production and flow decrease during sleep, increasing the chances of decay. If you do give your child milk or juice before bedtime, try to follow it with water or wipe the gums/teeth with a damp cloth before putting them down.

Feed them a healthy diet.

 You know you need to feed your child a healthy diet for healthy growth and development. And the same goes for their oral health. Choose fruits, veggies and lean proteins, keep sugary foods to a minimum, and limit drinking high-sugar drinks. And remember that you’re a role model. You can’t expect your child to snack on carrot sticks and water if you’re munching on chips and slurping down a soda.

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