How to find guest post opportunities with Zupyak

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What are Guest Posts?

Guest posts (sometimes called guest blogging) is a popular way do to a form of content collaboration with other publishers. The way it works is two publishers connect and write either one article each about the other party, or each publisher writes one article about the other publisher, on their own blog, website or a content platform like Zupyak.

What is the best way of doing a Guest Post?

Generally, a guest post should be published in the same context of industry as your own blog or website. So, if you are a travel company the best possible form of guest posting would be another travel company writing about your services, on a platform like Zupyak or their own website.

How can I use Zupyak to do guest posting?

Zupyak has over 300 000 users within over 400 industries, and more then 1,5 million pieces of content on the platform. That means there are endless opportunities to find publishers within your specific niche. You can for example search for the topic you are interested in, and find an article that is related to your industry. Once you've find the article, visit the profile page of the user by clicking on the user name, and sending a message to them. A tip is to give as much relevant information as possible when contacting them, such as what kind of business you represent, and what you propose in exchange for the guest post (such as a post on your blog or website).

How much does it cost?

To contact publishers you need a premium subscription.

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