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2 Essential Fashion Attires For Men - T-Shirt and Classic Jeans

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2 Essential Fashion Attires For Men - T-Shirt and Classic Jeans

Clothes do not always have to be colourful to make you look great. A simple white t-shirt and classic blue denim jeans are the attires that can give your personality a smart touch. This combination reveals many surprises. You can only shine with your simple look when the clothes fit well.

You can get the most common and decent look by wearing a simple t-shirt, a leather denim jacket, and blue jeans. So, this blog lets you know how to wear a simple t-shirt and classic denim jeans (and their alternatives during summer) to make your appearance smart and attention-grabbing.

How To Wear White T-Shirt And Classic Jeans?

Here, we guide you on how to wear a white or black t-shirt and classic blue jeans and impress others:

The T-Shirt

The white or black t-shirt is the essential attire for guys. Whether you adopt a 100% sporty and casual look or prefer slim jeans and a biker jacket, the white t-shirt is the essential fashion piece. You can wear white t-shirts all year round and combine them in many ways. 

You can wear a t-shirt with a zipper hoodie on cold winter days. During summer, they look cool with chino shorts and a denim jacket. You can also wear your t-shirt when you play sports. 

What Collar Can You Choose?

  • V-Neck - This variant of t-shirt simply gets its name from its shape. The V-cut is not only present on t-shirts but also sweaters and long-sleeved t-shirts. In a business or casual look, the V-neck is simply perfect. If you decide to wear a V-neck t-shirt, the ideal is that the body is a little athletic. V-neck t-shirts fit well on slim bodies and give them a nice look. 

  • Round Neck – A t-shirt with a round neck is the most classic among the types of collars. It is present in all collections of tops for men. Unlike the V-cut, the round neck passes in all situations, as it suits all shapes. If you don't know which collar style to choose, preferably go for the round neck. You can’t go wrong by choosing it!

  • The Flared Round Neck And The XXL V-Neck - The flared round neck and the XXL V-cut are very suitable for men. These collars, however, are ideal for muscular bodies. If you are too skinny, don’t prefer the XXL t-shirt, which would hide your figure even more. These two forms of t-shirts are not intended for everyday use. Find the right occasions to wear these cool t-shirts; otherwise, your look might look ordinary.

The Classic Blue Jeans

Of all the classics in a man’s wardrobe, jeans are indeed an essential fashion piece, particularly blue jeans. There are many styles of jeans: ripped (torn), straight, or even slim (tight close to the body), and you can combine them with other outfits in many ways.  

Whether you wear a casual white t-shirt and sneakers, or a smart jacket and leather shoes, with blue jeans, you can’t go wrong with your look. You can always wear classic blue jeans, regardless of the event where you are going. 

Alternatives For The Summer

  • Chinos - In summer, most guys do not prefer wearing jeans. So, chinos are the ideal solution. You can easily combine your chinos with your office or leisure outfit. If you like colourful chinos, you can also wear chinos with bright shade on sunny days.

  • Shorts - The shorts come to the rescue when the days are extremely hot. However, be careful when choosing shorts. Not all are suitable for all silhouettes. For men with a good build, shorts with a loose, relaxed fit really are the best.

  • Joggers - Patent Leather Men Joggers are somewhat trendy, but you have classic ways to style them without falling into a fad. You can keep joggers sporty and relaxed like they were meant to be. When you want to dress up, denim blue jeans is a perfect option, but joggers are also best for summer.

Final Words

We hope this blog will make your appearance smart with a simple white or black t-shirt and classic blue jeans. It’s up to your body shape which collar style of t-shirts suits it. A leather denim jacket is also an appealing attire you can wear over the t-shirt with jeans.  

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