Why Should Students Use Debit Cards?


When you are a student living far away from your family, you have to be very careful about how you manage your expenses. Apart from setting a budget right at the beginning of every month, you must also have some clarity about the method you wish to use to make your payments.

While using a credit card during your college years wouldn’t be a good idea, a debit card would help you in many ways. If you have been wondering which the best debit card is for international students, you should go through www.afno.io, the official website of Afno.

Here is why students should prefer debit cards over other transactional methods:

No Debt

Professionals go through immense stress when they are in debt. As a student, debt is something you should steer clear of. Never spend more than you can and do not ever think of taking a loan for your personal expenses while you are still studying. When you only use a debit card, you can be sure about never suffering from the burden of debt. A debit card does not allow you to spend more than you have in your bank account.

Convenient To Use

After all these years, a debit card remains one of the most convenient modes of making payments. Apart from making it easy to carry out transactions, a debit card enables you to monitor your spending and lets you know whether you are sticking to your budget or not. These days, most stores accept debit cards. So even if you are not carrying any cash, you will not have to worry about making a particular payment. 

It’s Safe

When you lose cash, it would be almost impossible for you to retrieve it. Also, nobody is going to compensate for your loss. However, when you lose your debit card, you will have the option of freezing it. Once you do that, you can be sure about nobody misusing it. A new debit card will be issued to you within a few days and you can use it as conveniently as you were using your old card.

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