A Guide to the Chaotic Star - Audrae Present in AFK Arena in 2022

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Audrae is one of AFK Arena's most current heroes. She is a star hero and the sister of another hero i.e., Morael. If you remember, Morael is called the Queen of Stars and represents the galaxy and the stars with her out-of-this-world creation.

Now it is time to dive into Audrae's appearance, lore, full abilities, furniture, signature items, information, and team design in this highly-detailed AFK Arena guide.

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What Is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is a fantastic RPG game wherein you have to kill numerous enemies. You can create a personalized team and battle against an ancient evil. 

AFK Arena is a mobile game created by Lilith Games that puts you in charge of a custom team of fighters to stop an ancient evil from destroying the kingdom of Esperia.

The way AFK Arena has been given is very excellent and straightforward. The slideshows utilized in the game are of high quality. You will also notice that some small text boxes look very cool in some stages. 

The artistic style and the western drawing techniques used in the game are a good mixture. This is one of the most suggested games because of its design, simple yet marvelous look, and responsive user interface.

The Appearance of Audrae in AFK Arena

An outline of Audrae's form indicates the hero wearing a tight-fitting white suit with golden line details, paired with gloves of the exact color and design. On her neck is a yellow collar on the exterior, along with weird clothes that appear to maintain the cosmos on the interior.

Audrae has a pair of massive, purple wings that fit her short hair's lavender shade. She also has large blue eyes that can stare at your soul. Audrae is a Ranger hero of the Star faction.

Tips for Using Audrae in AFK Arena

  • If you are glancing for a reputable and trustworthy AFK Arena hero, Audrae is the answer to your dilemma. While she is not meta-breaking, her Cosmic Shower ability gives you the Area of Effect you need during battles. It makes meteorites rain down on the battleground for about nine seconds. What's good about this power is its prioritization quality, which means if the skill has to decide between shooting an enemy or an object like a totem or something, it will strike the enemy.
  • Are you having suspicions in your heart if Audrae is worth all your gold and fabrics? The answer is yes, she is! Audrae can be very useful in the Celestial Tower or the Celestial Sanctum, which unlocks every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. In the Celestial Tower, players can only utilize heroes from the faction that the tower is themed after.
  • Audrae can be the ideal counter to backline assassins. In AFK Arena, positioning is vital. You can set her on one of the corners, and she will delete any jumping characters from the field.

Which Heroes Can Synergize with Audrae?

  • Athalia – You can utilize Athalia as a backup to Audrae. Athalia is a refined crack and a ranged hero viable during the early game. Her +30 Unlock is overpowered and can be a good pair with Audrae's abilities.
  • Flora – Who is more beneficial to team up with Audrae than another Celestial hero, Flora? She is a complex DPS hero who can flood opponents with much damage using her AoE capability, Sea of Flowers. She also gives a broad shield to her allies for about five seconds.
  • Talene – With Flora in the team composition, you can never go wrong with Talene. Talene can also be a damage dealer for the team, where her Meteor Shower ability can deal up to 280% harm when maxed out.

Various Abilities Present in Audrae in AFK Arena

  • Cosmic Shower -  Audrae releases a cosmic quiver into the sky, transforming the whole battleground into a cosmic state. While the battlefield is in a cosmic condition, up to 2 opponents are attacked by falling meteorites every 2 seconds, with each meteorite trading injury equal to 160% of Audrae's Attack Rating. Slipping meteorites shall prioritize opponents.
  • Level 81 – The damage marketed by each meteorite is raised to 190% of Audrae's Attack Rating.
  • Level 161 – The crack of each meteor shower attack is improved to 260% of Audrae's Attack Rating.
  • Cosmic Assault – Audrae jumps into the air and fires 5 cosmic quivers in a quick sequence. Each quake deals 180% of her Attack Rating as damage to the opponent targets.


In this article, you will acquire all the details about Chaotic Star - Audrae Present in AFK Arena. Audrae is the most famous hero present in the AFK Arena, so if you are a fan of Audrae's hero, this is your article.

AFK Arena Codes
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