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When Should You Have Your Car Painted By An Auto Body Shop?

Tony Martins
When Should You Have Your Car Painted By An Auto Body Shop?

When you think about an auto body shop, do you instantly think of wrecked vehicles? While auto body shops certainly fix and paint vehicles that have been involved in a fender bender or accident, they also restore paint that has deteriorated due to normal wear and tear. A vehicle in need of professional repainting may need a minor touch-up job or a full paint job to completely restore the vehicle to showroom condition. Other times, vehicles are entrusted to body shop painters for enhancements like pinstripes, rather than damage repair. Whether your car has been involved in an accident, has normal deterioration, or simply needs an upgrade, an auto body shop can provide your ride with a professional paint job that looks great, protects well, and lasts for years to come!

Why Is Auto Body Paint So Important Anyways?

The primary function of auto body paint is to protect your vehicle from rust, damage, and decay, so it remains safe and roadworthy. When the paint on your vehicle begins to peel or flake off, the metal components of your car become vulnerable to rust and deterioration. Over time, rust will continue to spread over your entire vehicle. Once the damage becomes severe enough, the roadworthiness of your vehicle is compromised, as weakened panels and bumpers will leave your family vulnerable to injury should you be involved in an accident. Not to mention, if you happen to reside in a state that requires annual inspections, it is possible that your vehicle will no longer pass inspection. Thus, leaving you to choose between expensive repairs, going without a vehicle entirely, or taking on the additional expense of purchasing a new car. All of these costly scenarios can be avoided with the protection of a quality paint job.

When to Choose a Total Auto Body Repaint?

Some cars only need a bit of repair and TLC to get their exterior looking like new once more, but what do you do when your paint is dull and lackluster despite repeated attempts at waxing? In these situations, a full-body paint is often the best way to get your car looking great once again. When you choose to fully repaint your car, you get to enjoy your trusty ride looking like it just left the manufacturer's plant.

The professionals at a reputable auto body shop know the ins and outs of painting cars. You will enjoy quality paint that is perfectly color matched to your vehicle, even if it is a classic car! Your vehicle will also be blessed with even paint coats, that consist of five layers of protection, when you trust the experts to do the job right. If you have been on the fence about having your car painted, consider that the job can be done quickly and affordably. Not to mention, with a brand-new paint job you won’t cringe looking at a dingy, boring car. Get back to enjoying your daily commute with a full-body paint!

When to Choose an Auto Body Touch-Up?

If you've been involved in a fender bender, accident, or have noticed deterioration/damage resulting from normal wear and tear, your paint may be a good candidate for touch-up. If damages are not conducive to repair by PDR (paintless dent repair) touch-up painting may be necessary. This is a quick, easy, and affordable way to mitigate scratches, scrapes, and other cosmetic blemishes that appear on your vehicle over time or due to an accident. Moreover, if you have noticed the beginnings of rust, it is important to address it promptly as to avoid more significant residual damage from developing. If rust is caught early, it can be easily repaired, using touch-up paint as part of the process. Even if you are merely looking to freshen up or eliminate splotchy paint, auto body touch-up paint is often the right solution. No matter the blemish, the body shop experts have professional quality touch-up paint and the skills to fully restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition!

When To Choose Auto Body Customization?

If you have recently restored a classic car or are looking to upgrade your vehicle with a bit of unique flair, modifying or changing the vehicle's existing paint can be a great choice. Trained auto body painters can fully repaint your vehicle in nearly any color you can imagine or simply add upgrades like hand painted pinstriping. Due to the time, quality products, and precision these skilled craftsmen bring to the table, you can be certain that your custom paint job will look great and offer your vehicle superior protection for many years.

So, How Does the Professional Paint Process Work?

When you trust an experienced auto body shop to repaint, touch-up, or customize your vehicle's paint job, you get the unparalleled quality of premium primers and paints. Professional paint products provide the quality materials you want and need to ensure your vehicle's exterior looks like a million bucks and stands the test of time.

Quality, professional products offer innovative technology, color options, and application methods, for a longer lasting, more durable result. The most durable products offer multiple layers of protection, including a pre-treatment, electrocoat, primer, basecoat, and clearcoat. This strong, beautiful, and functional layering results in a top-quality product that is sure to please. 

Having the job done by skilled experts, with top-notch products, ensures you love both the look and performance of your vehicle's paint.

Consider The Benefits

If you are still on the fence about having your car repainted, touched-up, or customized, consider the many benefits that can be obtained by this affordable investment.

  • Looks Great-Everyone wants to feel confident when arriving at work and social functions. Maintaining your vehicle, upgrading it, or repairing it ensures your car looks great every single day. An added benefit is that when your car looks good, you get an instant confidence boost, each time you get behind the wheel.

  • Keeps Your Car Protected-Some people aren't all that worried about what others think, but nearly everyone is worried about their car deteriorating. When you address areas of damage early-on you prevent the beginnings of rust. Even if you end up with small areas of rust due to exposure to contaminants, having them repaired and touched up early, is the best way to prevent more significant and costly damage from developing.

  • Express Yourself-No matter your color preference, design preference, or restoration goals, a custom paint job can take your vehicle to the next level. Your car will stand out from the rest and gain stares of admiration from far and wide.

If your vehicle needs repaired or upgraded, don't wait another day! Trust the auto body professionals to restore one of your most trusted assets, your ride!


Tony Martins
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