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Should I Replace or Repair My Roof? Here’s How To Decide

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Should I Replace or Repair My Roof? Here’s How To Decide

Getting a roof installation is itself a huge decision to make. Thereafter, making sure if it is maintained properly or needs a roof replacement or repair can get more confusing. The rooftop is the head of your structure. Just like your head and hair protects your body from sunlight and rain, a healthy roof and good roofing system do the same for the house.

People living in localities where the weather conditions can go out of hand can relate to the issue of how to decide when a roofing system needs a repair or replacement. Has the storm caused any damage to it, or are the shingles weak? Many such questions pop up in people’s minds quite frequently.

If you also reside in a place, such as Texas, then you are exactly where you belong. Big Texas Roofing and Solar not only provide replacement and repair services, but we also pay a visit to inspect your roofs. If you need to know it is time to give us a call, read this piece of content till the end.

What is Better: Roof Repair and Roof Replacement?

Although it completely depends on the situation and condition of your rooftop if you need to go for a repair or replacement. However, for your better understanding, let us look at the benefits of both one by one.

Benefits of Roof Repair

  • You do not need big loads of money for a roof repair. It is an affordable and pocket-friendly choice.
  • If you call in roofing contractors, they take minimal time to fix the issue. However, this depends on the extremity of the damage.
  • Roof repair can help you in increasing the lifespan of your house rooftop. Getting the fault fixed can add more years to its pocket.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

  • Roof replacement includes a complete inspection of your rooftop. This, eventually, can help you find out the hidden problems too.
  • Getting a roof replacement can help you save big bucks in the long run. An inspected rooftop and a new roofing system are less prone to damage.
  • It can increase the curb appeal of your house by 40%.
  • Installing new shingles on your roof is more energy efficient and eventually helps you save some money on your electricity bill.

Signs That Call Out The Need For Roof Repair

There are signs that you should look out for to know if it is time to put in some money for roof repair.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause minor to extreme damage to your rooftop. Heavy rain, hail storms, snowfall, thunderstorms, or any other calamities can become a reason for you to call in roofing experts. Sometimes you will be able to see the effects clearly, while sometimes, they don’t be external. If you think that your roof might have been damaged, it is better to get it inspected and repaired if needed.

Internal Leaks

There are quite a few signs that can give you an idea if your rooftop has an internal leak. One of them is wet spots on your house walls. However, there are times when you really won’t have any clue but see destruction in the long run. But, if you do suspect a leak, understand that it is time to get the repair done. Fixing the pipes and vents won’t cost you much but will definitely save you from a bigger expense.

Issues In Installation

There are times when you do not select the right roof repair services. This way you end up paying a lot for bad workmanship. Uneven tiling and extra visible tar are some of the signs of the same. You might neglect it at first, but honestly, this can make your entire roofing system weaker and fragile. This is why it is necessary to repair these faults as soon as they come to your notice.

Broken or Missing Shingles

Isn’t this the most common indication of a roofing system repair? There can be many reasons why any shingle might get damaged or even go missing. But as soon as you notice that, call in a contractor and avail of his replacement services. Leaving it unattended can be very bad for the base structure of the rooftop.

Signs That Call Out The Need For Roof Replacement

Now, if repairing is not the answer to your problem, then let us talk about the signs that scream for roof replacement.

To Increase The Curb Appeal

According to the current data, replacing your old roofing system with a new one can increase its curb appeal by as high as 40%. No matter if you know someone or not, anyone passing from the curb is going to judge your house, positively or negatively. This can have a direct impact on the overall look and value of the house.

Age OF The Roof

No matter which roofing system you choose, someday, you are going to need to call a roof replacement contractor and get a new one. Every roofing has a life, and letting it stay for too long can be unhealthy not just for your rooftop but also for the entire house. For an instant, if you have asphalt shingles roofing on your house, then you will have to replace the entire system after 30-40 years of installation.

Visible Issues

Extreme sun rays or too much damage from bad weather can cause major damage to the shingles. Curling from the edges, cracks in the middle, and algae or moss growth are some serious visible signs that your rooftop needs an in-depth inspection and needs a replacement.

Too Many Missing Shingles

You can get a roof repair if one or two shingles have left their place. However, if the count is higher than that, then there is a high chance that you will have to go for a roof replacement. To make an informed and correct decision, we would suggest you call in the experts and ask what is right.

Final Statement

This blog includes a complete guide for people who are unable to decide if they need to go for a roof repair or replacement. Here, we have various reasons that can help you make the right choice between a repair and a replacement. 

We understand that it can be hard to decide if your rooftop needs a repair or a replacement. However, this is what experts like us are in the business. Big Texas Roofing and Solar is the best roof repair company in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Our professionals can help you make the right decision. We can also get the service done at the best price in the market.

Big Texas Roofing and Solar
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