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Why is design for manufacturing important?


Design for Manufacturability (DFM) or design for manufacturing is the optimization of a part, commodity, or element’s design, to establish it inexpensive and more handily. DFM pertains to efficiently formulating or engineering an object, commonly during the product design stage, when it is simpler and slightly costly to do so, to curtail manufacturing expenses. This enables a manufacturer to specify and deter errors or disparities.

Why is Design for Manufacturing Important?

For any business glancing to make cash and establish efficient products, DFM is crucial for efficiency, speed, and high prices of production. It is believed that nearly 70% of the manufacturing costs of a product derive from design decisions made in the early design scenes, such as materials utilized or methods of manufacturing. DFM thus has tremendous cost-reduction capacities.

An emphasis on the layout stage, accessible through DFM, would considerably curtail the ultimate production cost. It can furthermore facilitate the identification, quantification, and elimination of waste or inefficiencies at numerous points throughout the manufacture and production procedure. It may also be utilized as a method of benchmarking and, in performing so, a corporation can evaluate the commodities of competitors.

How Long Does DFM Take?

Generally, the time taken for any procedure will rely on the product, parts, manufacturing procedure, and the complexness of undertakings required. Nonetheless, on average, a DFM process will take around two weeks to finalize. This quantity may boost to three or even four weeks for additional complex products.


  • Products made with DFM will have a shorter creation cost
  • Timely time-to-market
  • Curtailing of the product development procedure
  • Production will be up to accelerate quickly
  • Parts may be incorporated to lessen assembly steps and the number of parts
  • Catches and reduces errors or drawbacks
  • The elevated quality of a commodity, such as design, can be refined and improved at every stage
  • As construction activities can be eliminated from a site and spotted elsewhere, DFM can establish a safer working environment

Developing a product with manufacturing in the psyche is crucial to every project we undertake at Evo engineering and design. The design for manufacturing ensures the product can be produced to meet target expenses and will be made with consistency that funds a high-quality, safe end-product.

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