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Diaper Rashes: Causes and Treatment

Anil kumar

Taking care of a baby is a challenge. When you are on your toes for his every need, it is easy to miss checking the diaper for a change. Wearing a diaper for a prolonged time can result in skin rashes. These are usually due to the diaper being wet for a long time. The rash is worse if the baby's skin is very sensitive. Usually, diaper rash gets cleared within a few days without medication. But, if it continues, various baby skin care products and rash creams are available in the market for treating it.


Causes of diaper rash:


1.    Leaving a wet diaper for a prolonged period: 

In a baby’s early life, frequent urination leads to the diaper getting wet repeatedly. Because of this, they are likely to develop a rash. Frequent diarrhea can also worsen the rash.


2.    Having very sensitive skin:

Babies with hypersensitive skin can have allergies to diapers, baby soaps, wipes, and detergents. Prolonged exposure to these products can cause a rash.


3.    Using a product for the first time:

If you change the diaper’s brand, there are chances that it may not suit the baby and result in dermatitis.


4.    Bacterial or yeast infection:

Babies urinate several times a day. The urine constantly changes the skin’s pH level, which leads to the growth of bacteria or yeast. Moreover, wet diapers create a warm and moist environment aiding this growth.


5.    Introduction to new foods:

Once the baby starts eating solid food, he may eat something new regularly. This may change the baby’s stool patterns and lead to a diaper rash.





1.    Application of ointments and creams:


Applying antifungal creams and ointments containing zinc oxide and petroleum jelly may help treat the diaper rash. If your baby gets rashes often, apply them to the affected areas before putting on a new diaper.


2.    Application of powder:

Applying powder containing corn starch helps in quick recovery from the rashes.


3.    Antibiotics:

In case of a severe infection where the rashes worsen after two to three days, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician who may prescribe antibiotics for the infection.


4.    Wear a loose diaper:

Exposure to air is important to prevent diaper rash. Diapers that are too tight may result in a lack of airflow. It is recommended to use loose diapers for air to pass.


5.    Dry the skin with a clean towel:

Clean the skin and pat it dry with a towel after removing the diaper. Avoid scrubbing or using talcum powder as it may lead to dry skin.


6.    Use the diaper sparingly:

Frequent use of diapers may affect the baby’s sensitive skin. So avoid using diapers all the time. You can replace them with nappies or towels.


You can use diapers but make sure to change them often to prevent rashes. In case of rashes, you can get rash creams like the Dermadew Diaper Rash Cream 50gmfrom portals such as Healthskool Pharmacy online. This online pharmacy has medicines, baby food products, and much more. 

Anil kumar
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