Get Easy Access to Experts and Get Your Abdominal X-Ray at Home Done

X Ray at Home

Your health cannot be compromised at any cost. Abdominal pains can occur anytime, it may have some minor concerns or sometimes major. Never ignore long term pain. Visit your nearby physician soon, and as advised get an abdominal x-ray at home service, without have to visit the any diagnostic center.

X-ray at home diagnostic center offers a plethora of diagnostic services at pocket-friendly prices. The experts provide portable x-ray at home services with a top-notch portable x-ray machine, which can be easily carried to your home, and you can get your tests done at your comfort.

Know a quick overview of abdominal x-rays. An abdominal x-ray is a commonly performed diagnostic test that creates clear images of the internal organs present in the abdominal cavity, including the stomach, spleen, intestines, and liver.

When an abdominal x-ray is performed to give pictures of the kidneys, bladder, and uterus, it is called a KUB x-ray.

Abdominal X-rays at home use very small doses of ionizing radiation to create images of the inside of the abdominal cavity. It is used to evaluate the stomach, liver, intestines, and spleen and may be used to diagnose unexplained pain, nausea, or vomiting.

For portable x-ray at home service:

The biggest advantage of using a portable x-ray is its ability to prevent transport and increase patient mobility. In some cases, hospital trips or visits to the radiology department for chest, skull, and abdominal X-rays can do more harm than good to patients, especially those with severe conditions.

These devices help to eliminate unnecessary transports and changes in the position of the patient's body during an X-ray examination. Most portable x-ray machines have a stand on wheels, while some are motorized, allowing technologists to move the equipment quickly and no longer need an electrical outlet for perfect use.

Abdominal x-ray costs can vary from center to center. The average market price in India is rupees 800. At X-ray at home diagnostic center, you will have to charge much less with fast results when compared to another diagnostic center.

To book your appointment slot for an abdominal x-ray at home near Delhi, call X-ray at home specialists and rest assured of the accuracy of your results.

X Ray at Home
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