Buying Guide And Design Tips For Personalised Mugs

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From this guide, you will learn a few tips on how to choose the best customised mugs and imprinting methods.

Personalised mugs Sydney are the perfect gift for your loved one. You can also use them to market your business. Mugs are items found in nearly every household. However, very few people consider customising them. With a wide range of colours, styles and materials available, you can customise your mugs with sports teams, names, and more. Whether you own a business or you are getting married, mugs can be customised for use.


Steps to customise your mugs

Before you order custom mugs, it is important to ensure that you love the style and that the mugs are designed for your tastes. When customising mugs, there are three main steps to follow to ensure your project is successful.


Choose the right style

Coffee mugs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You should get creative and choose a style that is trendy or unique.


Choose the imprint method and material

You should consider the best material for your project along with the best imprint method that works for you.


Design your mug

Choose your suitable colour and how you want the design of the mug to look. When you follow the above steps, you will find it easier to customise your mug than you thought.


Choosing the right style

When you start creating your mugs, you should choose a trendy style that will stand out. There are different sizes and shapes to consider, along with the styles that are meant for various drinking habits. Here are some types of styles to consider when making customised mugs.


Traditional mugs

The traditional style is a practical classic style. The style can be found in different sizes and colours. It is great for a hot cup of coffee.


Spooner mug

You can add convenience to your morning coffee with a Spooner mug. Spooner mugs have a spoon fitted into the handle. They are great for camping or outdoor events.


Novelty mugs

You can create a custom mug that will never be forgotten because of the unique design it has. Put your design at the back and add some flair to make the mug memorable.


Travel mug

For people who like travelling, a travel mug can be a great option for customisation. The lid of the mug prevents spills and makes the beverage stay warm longer.


Choosing a material and an imprint method

Your custom mug’s material is one of the most important aspects because each type has different uses. You should consider what you want to use the mug for before choosing a material. Your design can be added to the mug in a variety of ways. You should therefore learn the best printing method for the material you choose.



These mugs are durable so you can have your design printed in different ways. You should consider pad printing because of its smooth surface.


Stainless steel

This material is ideal for durable mugs and traps heat effectively. Laser engraving is the best imprint method for this material.



If you want personalised mugs in Sydney that you can see through then you should consider glass. Laser engraving is the best imprint method for this material.

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