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Top 8 Must Have Painting Tools

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If you want to become a commercial painter, you must invest in your supplies, too. While growing and improving your skills will help, having the right supplies and equipment will make your job easier and much safer. Here are some painting tools and supplies you need.


A ladder is a standard painting tool. As a commercial painter, you may be tasked to work on interior and exterior walls. You will need a ladder to reach high walls. Before climbing one, though, check the ladder’s condition to ensure there’s no damage, use the right ladder for the job, and never exceed its maximum load. Choose a well-made ladder, so it will be sturdy under your feet.

Pro Masker

A paint tape dispenser is essential commercial painting equipment. Using it will save you so much time with your taping tasks. Prepping a room for the job is vital, and painter’s tape is used to protect trims, edges, and other architectural details that you don’t want the paint to splatter on. With a dispenser, you can carry out this task with ease.

Painter’s Tape

A painter’s tape is used to ensure clean lines. You will find plenty of products that hit the mark for your painter’s tape. They are easy to use and peel away, so you won’t have to worry that the paint will damage the surface underneath.

Paint Tray

Another tool you can’t do without is the paint tray. When you need to paint while you’re on a ladder, having a paint tray allows you to bring up paint with you without exceeding the load limit of the ladder. Also, paint trays make it easier for you to paint anywhere without having to lug heavy cans with you. You can protect the tray by lining it up with plastic. That way, even when you change paints, you won’t have to wash the tray. Lining it up with plastic makes it easy to clean. You won’t need to worry about multiple layers of paint adhering to the tray and adding debris to your paint the next time you use it.

Paint Mixing Drill

You can look for a cordless drill mixer or paint stirrer. They make it easy to mix old paint or blend colors, giving you smooth and creamy paints.

Paint Pail with a Handle

You can also use a small pail with a handle when you’re on a ladder. If it’s small enough, it won’t go over the load capacity of the ladder. Also, some pails come with a magnet that keeps the brush submersed. Lightweight and easy to hold, you won’t have to worry about that paint pail being too heavy.

Edging Gadgets

You need edging gadgets. You can use a basic edger. Find one that makes it easier for you to load paint. That will help you with many of your future job requests.

Drywall Tape Knife

Trim is the last thing you work on when you paint a room. Try using a drywall taping knife as a painting guard. Put it under the baseboard and paint away.  

josph white
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