Laboratory Scale High Pressure Reactor

Allison zhu

High pressure reactor are also known as steam sterilizers, which are commonly used in healthcare or industrial applications. High pressure reactor use steam under pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores from objects placed inside a pressure vessel.


Components of the autoclave:


·The high pressure reactor is made of stainless steel or special materials. The kettle body and the flange are threadedly connected, and the kettle cover and the flange are connected by bolts. The spherical surface on the lid and the conical surface on the body form a line contact seal without the need for gaskets.


·The magnetic drive stirrer is set on the top surface of the kettle cover, the stirring shaft extends into the kettle through the middle hole, the motor is driven by the V-belt, and the power is transmitted to the inner permanent magnet and the outer magnetic steel of the aluminum pulley, and the magnetic field of the outer electromagnetic steel passes through Through the sealing cover, it drives the inner electromagnetic steel to rotate.


· The top of the magnetic drive stirrer is equipped with induction speed-measuring electromagnetic steel and speed-measuring element, and the running speed of the stirring shaft in the kettle is reflected by the control box.


·Pressure gauge and rupture disk, inlet (liquid) valve, sampling (exhaust) valve are installed on the lid of the autoclave. Cooling water pipe joints and high temperature platinum resistance. At the time of purchase, rupture discs are usually set according to the user's operating pressure. When the user exceeds the specified pressure during use, sandblasting and pressure relief will occur to protect the safety of other pressure-bearing components. The heating electric furnace is a spiral electric heating tube. The electric heating tube fixes the resistance wire in the insulating material through the shrinking process, and has good insulation performance and long service life.


·The high pressure reactor is equipped with a control box, which can realize stepless speed regulation from 0 to 1100 rpm by controlling the speed of the DC motor. Through PID control, the temperature controller in the control box and the temperature-measuring platinum resistance inserted into the pot are connected to achieve ±0.2% precision target temperature control.


The high-pressure reaction kettle is a typical innovation of the application of the magnetic transmission device to the reaction equipment. It fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that cannot be overcome by the packing seal and mechanical seal in the past, without any leakage and pollution. The most ideal device for the reaction, especially the chemical reaction of flammable, explosive and toxic media, shows its superiority even more.

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Allison zhu
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